SAY I DO – .99 Sale

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Let’s start this week with a sale!!! For a limited time, you can get my sexy romantic suspense, SAY I DO, for just .99! Don’t miss this deal!

She hates him.

Dexter Ryan is smug. Arrogant. Manipulative. And he is also…Lacey Amari’s new partner. Well, her partner on one case. A case she doesn’t even want to take, but when Dex—CIA super operative and all around puppet-master—basically blackmails her, she has no choice. Then he asks her the big question…

Will you marry me?

The proposal isn’t real. It’s just an undercover assignment. Dex needs Lacey to be his fake fiancée for a case. Not exactly her dream job. But, she’ll do it. He wants her to pretend to be head over heels in love with him, he wants her help on a dangerous investigation in a remote ski lodge, and he…wants her?

Their desire isn’t pretend.

Dex doesn’t work well with others and handling a case with a partner in close proximity—as in 24/7 close—isn’t his normal style. He’s pulled Lacey into the investigation because she is smart and resourceful, and maybe because he knows a secret about her that could prove to be very useful to him. After all, Dex uses people all the time. It’s his thing. Yet the more he is around her, the idea of using Lacey suddenly doesn’t seem like such a good plan. But getting her into his bed? Stellar idea.

He wants her, but so do the bad guys.

The attraction between Dex and Lacey burns red-hot, hot enough to melt the snow around them. Except, just as he planned, Lacey’s presence draws in the enemy. Now the bad guys are after her, and Dex has to stick even closer to her. He’s playing the role of the obsessed lover, only it’s not just a role. Because for the first time in his life, Dex is falling hard. He’s losing his control.

He’s lied. He’s cheated. He’s about to give up his heart.

When Lacey finds out the secret he’s known, her rage and pain break his heart. Dex has to find a way to make things up to her, and he has to stop the enemies who are closing in. Nothing he can’t handle. Maybe. Dex is a master multi-tasker—most days, anyway. Dex will use every trick in his very large arsenal to win this case. Lacey melted the ice around what the whole world knows is Dex’s very, very cold heart, and Dex will fight like hell to protect her and to prove to her that even master spies can fall in love.

Author’s note: Dex loves playing games. Some would even say he enjoys playing with other people’s lives, but this time…it is Dex’s life on the line. His life and his heart. The longer his pretend engagement to Lacey lasts, the longer Dex finds himself longing for the real deal. Prepare for lies, tricks, dangerous enemies, and romance hot enough to melt some heavy snow…Dex’s story will burn like fire and things will get WILDE.

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Autographed Book Giveaways!

Posted in Romance on June 4th, 2022 by Cynthia Eden

I am celebrating my birthday week over at my Facebook page by giving presents to YOU! Each day, I am posting a different autographed book giveaway, so be sure to come by and join the fun!

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Read the first chapter – FALLING FOR THE ICE QUEEN

Posted in Romance, Latest News on May 27th, 2022 by Cynthia Eden

He will charm you…and fight dirty to protect you.

Ready to read the first chapter of FALLING FOR THE ICE QUEEN?

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Posted in Romance, Latest News on May 25th, 2022 by Cynthia Eden

Memphis thinks his heart is totally safe…and then he meets her.

FALLING FOR THE ICE QUEEN will be here in less than three weeks! 😍 It will release on 6/14/22, so I think that means it is time I start giving some teasers for this story!

“You didn’t get obsessed with me the first moment you saw me.”

His eyes changed. Went hard. Flashed with green fire. Desire. Need. Possession. “Sure, I did. You walked out of that bar door, and I ran after you as if my life depended on it. I knew you were going to change my world, and there was no way I would ever let you go. If that doesn’t sound like obsession, then tell me what does.”

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Posted in Romance, Latest News on May 22nd, 2022 by Cynthia Eden

I wanted to take a moment and talk about another new release that I will have this summer! EX MARKS THE PERFECT SPOT will be available on 7/26/22:

He can’t be the hero.

One moment, Chelsea Ember is sitting on a gorgeous, tropical island and sipping a cute drink, but in the next instant, she’s being tossed in the back of a van and spirited away. She’s terrified, desperate, and sure that she will never see her family again…then he rushes to her rescue. Her ex. Her gorgeous, hyper-controlled, heartbreaker of a former lover, Colt Easton.

He isn’t the lover she remembers…

Suddenly he’s knocking out bad guys and showing a dangerously brutal edge that she never expected. He’s fierce, vicious with the enemy, and there is no sign of the polished and cool businessman she knew before. But the attraction she felt for him since the very beginning—that scorching, consuming desire—is still there. Even if Colt does seem to be a complete stranger.

Trapped in paradise, all their secrets will be exposed.

Colt met Chelsea while he was working undercover. She never had an opportunity to get to know the real man beneath his mask, and he’s tracked her down because he wants a second chance with the woman he can’t get out of his head. When Chelsea is taken, he knows a boring, good guy won’t be able to help her. But the real Colt can. Time for Chelsea to see just how wild he can be.

A lot can happen on a hot island night.

Danger stalks Chelsea from every turn. And her best bet of getting off the island alive? Her ex, the most unlikely hero ever. A man who is proving to be a complete badass as they trek through the heart of the island and dodge the foes on their trial. He’s savage, rough, and definitely not a civilized gentleman, but Colt is exactly what she needs in order to stay alive. As they fight to survive, Chelsea realizes that she might just be in danger of falling for him all over again…

Author’s Note: When you’re trapped in paradise, you need just the right hero to help save the day. Sometimes, the “right” hero is dangerous and deceptive, and he’s also down to do anything to protect the woman he wants. Prepare for some hot island fun and for two lovers who are about to scorch the tropical night with their passion. A second chance, a lover in disguise, twisting secrets, and some edgy danger are inside EX MARKS THE PERFECT SPOT.

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