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Wondering what book is coming next from me? I will be releasing FALLING FOR THE ICE QUEEN on 6/14/22! (And it will be available in both print and ebook.) If you read FROZEN IN ICE, then you met Memphis Camden (he was a secondary character in that story). Well, now it’s time for him to have the spotlight…

He’s more than a little rough around the edges…

Memphis Camden isn’t a nice guy. He’s big, dangerous, and has an extremely low tolerance for BS. A former bounty hunter, Memphis now has a deadly new target…a serial killer.  Memphis has been tracking the guy for months, and he may just have found the way to drag the monster into the light. In order to accomplish his mission, he’s going to need help from an unlikely ally…

She’s elegant, poised, and a beautiful society queen.

Eliza Robinson doesn’t talk about her past.  She tried going to the cops—long ago—but they never caught the man responsible for her abduction, and her powerful family made sure to bury every detail about that night. Now, she spends her days dodging the stiff guards her family keeps sending her way. Until someone very unusual steps into her path.

He’s not like the others.  He’s fierce, ruggedly sexy, and more than a little uncivilized…

At first, Eliza thinks that Memphis is a new bodyguard. The attraction she feels for him is white-hot, stunning in its intensity, and it completely disrupts her carefully ordered life. But Memphis isn’t suddenly close to her because he’s on her parents’ payroll.

Memphis belongs to a group of cold case solvers called the Ice Breakers, and for his latest mission? He’s hunting the man who once turned Eliza’s world into a nightmare. Memphis wants her help because she is the only one who ever escaped from the monster.  What Memphis doesn’t know…is that the monster has been stalking Eliza ever since she fled from him…

They are complete opposites.

The only rules that Memphis follows are the ones that he makes. He hits life full-force, with no apologies. Eliza is reserved, careful in all that she does, and always on her guard.  They shouldn’t want each other so badly, but they do. Their attraction won’t be denied, and their sudden, forced proximity just throws them closer to the edge of desire.

Eliza is determined to help Memphis, and she’ll take any risk to end the nightmare that has haunted her.  But with every moment that passes, the danger deepens around her, and soon Memphis realizes that closing the latest case isn’t his top priority. Protecting Eliza, making sure that she’s safe—that is his only goal. Because the refined and cautious Eliza may have just stolen his heart…

Author’s Note: Memphis never loses his prey. He’s alpha to his core, fierce and dedicated, and when he falls…oh, but he will fall hard. His latest cold case has taken him into Eliza’s high society world. The fierce attraction he feels for Eliza catches him off-guard, and all too soon, he can’t imagine his life without her in it. But, someone else has eyes on Eliza, too. Someone who has been watching her for a very long time.  A cold case is about to ignite, and if they aren’t careful, Memphis and Eliza might just get caught in the blaze.

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“This is one of my all-time favorite series with well-rounded characters and a story line that will keep you on edge and laughing at the same time.” -Sharon, BookBub, 5 Stars

“This was a danger filled, high drama, sizzling masterpiece! This checked so many of my favorite boxes!” -Carvanz, BookBub, 5 Stars

𝐏𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞, 𝐩𝐥𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞 𝐥𝐞𝐭 𝐦𝐞 𝐬𝐚𝐲…𝐓𝐇𝐀𝐍𝐊 𝐘𝐎𝐔!!!

Thank you so much for the support and kind words and awesome notes that you have been sending to me about THE BODYGUARD NEXT DOOR. ❤️ I am thrilled that you are enjoying this tale. I wanted to write something fun and upbeat…yet still with a little danger (I can’t help it–danger always slips into my books!!), and I am so grateful to you for giving this story a chance!!!

I can’t believe that THE BODYGUARD NEXT DOOR is book number 15 in the Wilde Ways series. Fifteen!! 😮 When I wrote the first Wilde Ways book (PROTECTING PIPER), I had no idea that I would be opening the door to what would become my longest running series! How did that happen?? Well, it happened because of you…because you asked for more stories. Because you supported the books. THANK YOU!!

All of the novels in the Wilde Ways series are stand-alones. They all have happy endings. And I’ve tried hard to make sure that they balance romance, suspense, and humor. Life has been hard for everyone over the last few years, and my hope with the books is that they will provide a way for us to all escape a bit.

I am beyond grateful that you have allowed me to keep writing these stories. My readers mean the world to me, and please know how much I appreciate you all!!! And…yes, if you’ve read the end of THE BODYGUARD NEXT DOOR, then you already know that another Wilde book is coming soon…But for those who haven’t read it yet, I won’t post any spoilers. Not yet, anyway! Stay tuned!!!!

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THE BODYGUARD NEXT DOOR is available now!

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I’ve got a brand new romance available today–THE BODYGUARD NEXT DOOR is here!

He’s danger and a wicked, hot grin…

Iris Stuart may have a small crush on her neighbor. After all, Pierce Jennings is gorgeous, muscled, and he has a laugh that makes her toes curl. But she is not going down that particular path of temptation with the former Army Ranger and current Wilde agent. Nope. Not happening. They’ll stay in the friend zone because it’s safer that way. Safer for her—and for him. Even if looking into his baby blues makes her heart race.

She’s sunshine, secrets, and a bit of sin…

Pierce’s new neighbor wears paint-splattered jeans, she smells like sin, and he wants to put his hands all over her gorgeous body. Too bad she’s friend-zoned him. Too bad she’s starring in most of his fantasies. Too bad he can’t get her out of his head.

But when danger comes knocking, he’s just the man she needs.

So Iris may have a slightly infamous past—and a family who more than dabs in art forgeries. Iris inherited some of their not-so-slightly shady skills, and unfortunately, now some dangerous people want to use her. When the bad guys don’t take no for an answer and they try to abduct her, it’s her sexy bodyguard next door who comes to her rescue.

Suddenly, she’s got his protection.

The bad guys want her art skills, the Feds in stiff suits want her to work a sting, and Pierce? He just wants her to be his.  And what Pierce wants, he will get. Even if he has to take down an undercover art ring and take on the Feds, he will stay by Iris’s side. He’s not just going to be her bodyguard. Before they are done, he plans to be one hell of a lot more to her…

Author’s Note: Does it get better than having a seriously buff, ready-to-handle-any-threat bodyguard…right next door? For Iris Stuart, this turn of events is probably the best thing that has ever happened to her. But falling for sexy Pierce wasn’t supposed to happen. She’s the bad girl. He’s the hero. Except…maybe a bad girl can win the heart of the hero, provided, of course, that they can survive the danger heading their way. It’s time for another WILDE ride. What can you expect? Hot times, lots of danger, humor, thrills…and a guaranteed happy ending.

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We are just one week away from the 5/10/22 release of THE BODYGUARD NEXT DOOR. So how about a fast teaser??

“I am your backup.” Flat. “And when you sign this contract, we will have a legally binding agreement. That agreement will tie us together, no matter what happens when the Feds arrive. I’m not going to let them take you away. Whatever is going on—whatever is scaring you, trust me, I can handle it.

”She wanted to trust him. She was tired of being afraid and shouldering everything on her own.

“Sign it…” Pierce said, voice low.

Her head turned back toward him.

“Sign it, then you can tell me all your deepest, darkest secrets, and I will carry them to my grave if that is what you want.”

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Read the first chapter of THE BODYGUARD NEXT DOOR

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Did you know that you can now read the first chapter of THE BODYGUARD NEXT DOOR? Because you can!!

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