FROZEN IN ICE – Teaser Time!

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“You shouldn’t believe every story that you hear.”

“I don’t.” She had the gun at her side.

“So what…you think I’m the big, bad beast?” He smiled.

She didn’t. “Yes. I think you’re Archer Radcliffe. A man with more money that God. A man who was linked to the disappearance of his fiancée two years ago. All the evidence points to you as being guilty as hell when it comes to her, but here you are, standing in my house, uninvited, and making me feel not the least bit reassured by you.”

He looked over his shoulder. The door was still open. “Does it make you feel safer to have it open?”

“Why are you here?”

He turned his focus back to her. “You’re an actress.”

“Excuse me?”

“Everything you said and did in the ballroom—then later at the auction—it was all designed to capture my attention. You could not have played the scenes more perfectly. I do applaud your talent.” He was also sure that when Oz was done digging, his lawyer would turn up intel to show that Delilah Darrow was quite the skilled actress.

“You think that tonight was all some elaborate show?”

It would be nice to shut the door. To sit on her overstuffed couch. To relax. Actually…fuck it. He strolled toward the couch. Unknotted his tie. Tossed aside his coat. Made himself comfortable.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Delilah didn’t move from her position near the door. The still open door.

She should close it. Trouble could walk in at any moment.

Oh, wait. I already did walk in.

Archer rolled back his shoulders. “I know about acting. I have to do it every damn day. Between you and me, playing the dick gets old. But hey, if it’s the image people want, you have to give it to them, am I right?” A long exhale. “Maybe that’s why I can see you so well for what you are. We’re the same.”

“We are nothing alike.” A lift of her chin. A narrowing of her gorgeous eyes. Blue eyes. Electric blue. When he’d looked up and found her gaze on him, it had been as if he’d taken a punch to the gut.

Now probably wasn’t the time to tell her how incredible he found her eyes to be. Especially when she huffed out a breath—

And dramatically announced, “We’re not alike because, for one thing, no one suspects me of murder.”

“Yet,” he couldn’t resist saying. “No one suspects you of murder yet. But you are the one holding the gun so who knows how this night will play out?”

FROZEN IN ICE – Available now

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FROZEN IN ICE – Available now!

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My new romantic suspense, FROZEN IN ICE, is officially available now!

A gorgeous billionaire hero who may or may not be guilty of murder…
A hard-core sleuthing heroine who will not stop until she discovers the truth.
An attraction neither anticipated.
And a desire that just won’t be denied…

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FROZEN IN ICE – Available 4/5!

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Tomorrow is the big day! FROZEN IN ICE (my new romantic suspense) officially releases on 4/5!!!

𝐒𝐨 𝐡𝐨𝐰 𝐚𝐛𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐚 𝐪𝐮𝐢𝐜𝐤 𝐭𝐞𝐚𝐬𝐞𝐫?

He wanted to reach out and touch her. Instead, his hands clenched into fists. “If you’re not Cinderella, then who the hell are you?”

“Back to that, are we?” A low, amused laugh. “Why don’t you just call me the wicked stepsister? Think of me as the one the slipper doesn’t fit.”

She still wasn’t giving him a name. What she was doing—driving up his curiosity. And, dammit, his attraction.

“It’s been an…experience meeting you,” she noted with a little nod. “I don’t think I will be forgetting you anytime soon.”

He knew he wouldn’t be forgetting her. At all. He—

“Good night, Archer,” she whispered as she pushed up onto her toes. Her hand rose and curled behind his head, and she tugged him toward her. Toward her mouth.

The kiss happened before he could even think. One second, he was plotting about what to do with her, and the next—his mouth was on hers. And she was kissing him with a careful, skilled passion. With total control. Licking lightly with her tongue in a technique he was sure was designed to drive him crazy.

Fine. It was driving him crazy. She tasted rich and decadent. Her mouth was soft and lush, and all he wanted to do was pick her up and get lost in her. Right then. Right there.

She’d just cost him one hundred grand. She’d schemed. Lied. Tricked him.

And now she was trying to seduce him.

So he let her. What the hell? The night was certainly different. It was—

She pulled back. “Not bad.” Her fingers touched her lower lip. Was it his imagination, or did her fingertips tremble just a bit? “But I’ve had better.”

His jaw clenched.

She turned and walked down the stairs. She still gripped the clutch.

Cinderella didn’t leave a shoe behind for him. She didn’t even glance back. But then again, she wasn’t Cinderella.

And he wasn’t a freaking prince.

He waited until she was gone, then he slowly opened his hand. When she’d been kissing him, he’d taken the liberty of slipping his hand inside that tiny clutch of hers. So small that there had only been room for her ID, keys, and some cash.

He looked down at her ID. Brought out his phone. Shined his light on it.

No, she wasn’t Cinderella.

She was Delilah Darrow, and she’d just played with the wrong man.

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I have news! Paranormal re-release news! 😍

All of the books in my previously published “Phoenix Fury” paranormal series have now been re-released and are available at all major ebook retailers.

But wait, there’s more!! The first book in the series, HOT ENOUGH TO BURN, is FREE! So if you have not read this hot phoenix shifter story yet, now is your chance!

My Phoenix Fury books were originally released by Kensington Publishing in 2014. I’ve updated the stories, done some small scene editing (no major plot changes), and given the books new covers. I loved writing these books, and I so hope that you will enjoy reading them!

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Do you love hot second chance romances? Then don’t miss COUNTING ON COLE–you can snag the book while it is on sale for just .99!

She was the one who got away. The one who ripped out his heart and took it with her when she left.

Cole Vincent never expected to see Evangeline Lake again. Back in the dark and bloody day, he’d been hired by her brother to save her in a mission that went straight to hell. Evangeline had been kidnapped and held for ransom, but he’d been sent in with a covert team to get her out. Thrown together in the dark, a stunning attraction burned through them. But she wasn’t meant to be with an ex-soldier who had a past that was littered with secrets and death. She went back to her fancy world. He went back to hunting. Tried to forget her. Case closed.

There are some people you can never forget.

Evangeline “Evie” Lake fell hard and fast for her tall, dark, and dangerous rescuer. Then he flew her back to her home, kissed her good-bye on the doorstep, and walked his sexy self away with looking back. He broke her heart into a million little pieces, and she swore off the “bad boys”—they were just trouble she didn’t want. Case closed.

She needs help. The kind that only someone like Cole can give to her.

The past is coming back to attack. Evie’s kidnapper was never caught, and when she’s nearly abducted in New York, her brother calls in the one man that he knows he can count on…the one man who has proven he can protect Evie from the worst threats out there. The one man that Evie absolutely, positively does not want to see again…

The only man she’s ever loved.

Cole takes the case. Becomes her bodyguard. Gets far too close to her and stirs memories that should have been dead and buried in a six foot hole. The white-hot attraction burns ever brighter between them, but Evie will not fall for him again. Will not. Except…

She is. He is. They are…falling.

Cole wants Evie more than anything, and this time, he won’t walk away. This time, there is nothing that can keep them apart. He’ll fight like hell for the woman he’s always loved. He finally has a second chance with Evie. He won’t screw this up. And he will not let her go again…he will prove to Evie that she can always count on him to keep her safe.

She is the only one he wants. The one who owns his heart. Anyone who wants to hurt her? They have to go through him. Case closed.

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