FALLING FOR THE ICE QUEEN – Character Profile -Eliza

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Character Profile: Eliza Robinson

Job: PR Specialist at Robinson Corp

After being a PR disaster, she knows a thing or two about staying cool and in control.

Likes: Safety. Security. Her routine. 

Dislikes:  A certain big, gorgeous guy named Memphis because he can’t seem to be serious about anything, even though he swears he’s serious…about her.  And because he makes her want to be wild again. And…because he stirs up her past…

Her past: Dark. Twisted. Better left forgotten. Until…Memphis. Until he tells her that she wasn’t the only victim. Until he tells her that a serial killer is hunting, and Eliza might just be the key to stopping the monster…


When ice shatters, it can cut like a knife.

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Solve a cold case. Catch a killer. Don’t fall in love. The plan was simple, until he met her…

FALLING FOR THE ICE QUEEN is available in ebook and print now!

He’s more than a little rough around the edges…

Memphis Camden isn’t a nice guy. He’s big, dangerous, and has an extremely low tolerance for BS. A former bounty hunter, Memphis now has a deadly new target…a serial killer.  Memphis has been tracking the guy for months, and he may just have found the way to drag the monster into the light. In order to accomplish his mission, he’s going to need help from an unlikely ally…

She’s elegant, poised, and a beautiful society queen.

Eliza Robinson doesn’t talk about her past.  She tried going to the cops—long ago—but they never caught the man responsible for her abduction, and her powerful family made sure to bury every detail about that night. Now, she spends her days dodging the stiff guards her family keeps sending her way. Until someone very unusual steps into her path.

He’s not like the others.  He’s fierce, ruggedly sexy, and more than a little uncivilized…

At first, Eliza thinks that Memphis is a new bodyguard. The attraction she feels for him is white-hot, stunning in its intensity, and it completely disrupts her carefully ordered life. But Memphis isn’t suddenly close to her because he’s on her parents’ payroll.

Memphis belongs to a group of cold case solvers called the Ice Breakers, and for his latest mission? He’s hunting the man who once turned Eliza’s world into a nightmare. Memphis wants her help because she is the only one who ever escaped from the monster.  What Memphis doesn’t know…is that the monster has been stalking Eliza ever since she fled from him…

They are complete opposites.

The only rules that Memphis follows are the ones that he makes. He hits life full-force, with no apologies. Eliza is reserved, careful in all that she does, and always on her guard.  They shouldn’t want each other so badly, but they do. Their attraction won’t be denied, and their sudden, forced proximity just throws them closer to the edge of desire.

Eliza is determined to help Memphis, and she’ll take any risk to end the nightmare that has haunted her.  But with every moment that passes, the danger deepens around her, and soon Memphis realizes that closing the latest case isn’t his top priority. Protecting Eliza, making sure that she’s safe—that is his only goal. Because the refined and cautious Eliza may have just stolen his heart…

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Harlequin gave WAY OF THE SHADOWS a new cover

Posted in Romance, Latest News on June 13th, 2022 by Cynthia Eden

I just found out that Harlequin has done a cover update on one of my older Intrigues. WAY OF THE SHADOWS has been given a new cover. WAY OF THE SHADOWS was originally published back in September of 2014 (and it seems like just yesterday…)

Here is the new cover that I found on Amazon:

And here is the original:

Which one do you like better?

None of the content has changed in this book. I just found out about the cover change so I wanted to make sure readers knew it was still the same story. Thanks!!

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Scam alert!!!

Posted in Romance, Latest News on June 12th, 2022 by Cynthia Eden

There is a fake Cynthia Eden account on Facebook–this account is notifying readers and saying they have won copies of REMEMBER RAMSEY. Then the account is asking for credit card information.

Please, please do NOT give this account any information! I will NEVER ask for credit card information. I have reported this account to Facebook multiple times, and I am trying to get them removed.

I hate so much that this is happening! I do not want any of my readers ever scammed!

If you have given this account your credit card information, please immediately contact your bank or credit card company. You will want to cancel this card and get a new one.

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Who are the Ice Breakers?

Posted in Romance, Latest News on June 10th, 2022 by Cynthia Eden

Who are the Ice Breakers?

We are just days (days, I say!) away from the release of FALLING FOR THE ICE QUEEN, the second book in my “Ice Breakers” romantic suspense series, and I just wanted to take a moment to chat about the characters.

The Ice Breakers are members of an online group that have one purpose–to solve cold cases. They want to break these cases wide open and give justice to the victims. The members come from all sorts of backgrounds, and they are all running from their own personal demons.

I wanted to write these stories because, honestly? I am super cold case obsessed (and I know a lot of you are, too!). I keep reading stories about crimes that have been solved after 20 or 30 years, and I am fascinated.

The first book in the series, FROZEN IN ICE, released on April 5th. And the second book, FALLING FOR THE ICE QUEEN, will be out on June 14th (this Tuesday!!). All of the books in this series are stand-alone reads. Each book focuses on on a different couple.

What do the books have in common? Lots of danger, suspense, romance, and a wee bit of fun thrown into the mix. Of course, they also contain happy endings. You know I need those endings in my life!

Happy Friday!

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