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We are just a little over a week away from the 7/26 release of EX MARKS THE PERFECT SPOT, so how about a fast teaser?

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Just two weeks until the release of EX MARKS THE PERFECT SPOT. Yay!! How about a teaser?

Her amazing eyes narrowed. “You’re in the room next door?”


“That’s…quite a coincidence.”

Not really.  “I didn’t expect our reunion to go this way.”

She took a step into her room. Stopped. Glanced back at him as if she couldn’t help herself. “How did you expect it to wind up?”

Not with you being kidnapped. “In my best fantasies, you threw your arms around me and kissed me like your life depended on it.”

Chelsea blinked. “And in your worst fantasies?”

You told me that you didn’t want me any longer. That I had to stay out of your life. “My worst fantasy now involves some fake boyfriend shoving you in the back of a van.” 

“That’s my worst fantasy, too.” 

He should move. Walk away. Let her rest. 

He kept standing there and drinking her in. “I’m glad you’re okay.”

“And I’m really glad you were there to help me.”

Baby, from here on out, I will always be there for you.

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Less than three weeks until the 7/26/22 release of EX MARKS THE PERFECT SPOT! So how about a quick teaser, hmmm?

“No.” The one word that she kept saying.  “You aren’t here.”

He couldn’t be there. She’d just escaped to the most amazing tropical paradise in the world. A private island in the Caribbean that promised hours of fun and relaxation.  She was far, far away from her life in Atlanta. This could not be happening. He could not be there.

Her ex, Colt Easton, could not be standing on the beach in front of her. Blocking her view and her sun.  And bringing her amazing vacation plans crashing to a screeching halt.

“Surprise,” he murmured.

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The holiday weekend is about to start…and in case you wanted some fireworks…or if you wanted to spend time with a super gorgeous private investigator…DON’T PLAY WITH ODIN is FREE at all major ebook retailers!

DON’T PLAY WITH ODIN is part of my “Trouble for Hire” romance series–books that all feature former military heroes. Each book is a stand-alone read with a guaranteed happy ending.

Big, bad, and currently out of his element…

Odin Shaw thought he’d spend his life on a battlefield. But fate had other plans, and now the former Special Forces operative has just landed a new job at his best friend’s PI office. It’s one hell of a life change, and the giant “Viking” is trying to adjust, fast, but then she walks into his life.

Delicate, beautiful, and hunting a killer…

Maisey Bright has been following the news. She knows that the small PI firm just helped track a killer and get the perp locked away—so Maisey figures that the towering man sitting behind the massive desk will be perfect solution for her current predicament. The cops don’t believe her story, so Maisey has no choice. She wants to hire Odin. The job in question? Well, she needs him to help her find proof—irrefutable evidence—that her next-door neighbor is a serial killer.

The gorgeous ones are always a little bit crazy…

Odin figures the case will be a snap. He’ll prove that Maisey’s neighbor is most definitely not a serial killer. He’ll do it in record time, and he’ll score some extra cash for the PI firm. Maybe he’ll even score some points with the lovely—but obviously way too crime-enthusiast-obsessed—Maisey. Piece of cake.

It’s not a piece of cake. It’s a freaking nightmare.

When Odin steps into Maisey’s world, things seem off from the very beginning. Her neighbor is suspicious as hell, and when Maisey is nearly kidnapped after leaving her job, Odin realizes there is much more to the case than meets the eye. A whole lot more. He moves into Maisey’s place to protect her—and to keep an eye on her neighbor. But the close proximity to the maddening Maisey stirs a fierce desire inside of Odin. Maisey is smart, off-beat, sexy…and when he kisses her, Odin is a goner.

But first, the killer…

Odin and Maisey set off to uncover the truth about her neighbor, and as they dig deeper into the disappearances that have plagued the town for the last year, Odin begins to suspect that Maisey may be dead right. He also realizes that he is falling for a woman who now seems be the target of a killer. Looks like it might be time for Odin to go to battle once more. Because there is no way—no way—that anyone will hurt Maisey.

Author’s Note: Calling all true-crime enthusiasts! Maisey is your girl. She spends her nights listening to podcasts and sleuthing, but when she suspects that a killer is living next door, Maisey knows that she needs a professional partner…so Odin Shaw enters the picture. Odin has muscles for days, and he doesn’t even blink when he faces danger. He’s just the PI that she wants. Danger, romance, twists—time for their story to begin.

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The next Ice Breaker Romance…

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If you are reading FALLING FOR THE ICE QUEEN, then you might want to look away! I don’t want to spoil any character info for you!

I’m about to talk about the hero for my next Ice Breaker Romance, and that hero (or, rather, anti-hero) will be…


Saint is getting a book of his own, and it is called ICE COLD SAINT. The novel will release on 9/13/22.

“I’m here to take you down.” – Saint

“You said that wrong. What you meant was that you’re here to fall in love with me.” – Alice

Saint is in the family business…the business of hunting killers and closing unsolved cases. He knows his reputation—most people think he is a monster. Dangerous, cold, deadly…and with no conscience.  But it takes a guy like him to get the job done. And his latest job? Well, that job has him tracking down a suspected Black Widow…the beautiful and ever-so-seductive Alice Shephard. A woman who is linked to the disappearance of three men.

Beauty can be the coldest lie of all.

Whispers and scandal follow her every step, but Alice doesn’t seem to care. Is she responsible for the disappearances—and possible deaths—of three ex-lovers? Saint will find out. He’s stepping into her web, and if she’s guilty, he’ll personally lock her away, just as he has done on case after case before. Emotions never get in his way.

Wanting her isn’t a surprise. Needing her is.

Alice seems immune to his charm. Fair enough, mostly because Saint isn’t known for charm. But he is hell on wheels when it comes to seduction, and the attraction between him and Alice is electric. When he touches her, need rocks through him, a desire so fierce that it threatens to consume them both. But Saint can want her and still lock her away. No problem. Or…

Problem. What if she’s not guilty?  

When Alice saves his life, Saint realizes there is more to her than meets the eye. Maybe she’s using him, maybe everything is a game to her, or maybe…maybe Alice is the real victim in the story and not the villain. Unlikely, but…what if? What if all along someone else was attacking from the dark? What if someone else is determined to claim Alice, to eliminate all other men from her life?

And what if Saint might just wind up losing the one person he needs above all others?

They call him Saint, but everyone knows he’s a monster…and he’s ready to let his dark side out to hunt.

Author’s Note: As part of the Ice Breakers, Saint is intent on solving cold cases. But his latest case heats up—or rather, goes molten—the instant he meets Alice. She’s supposed to be a villain. Fair enough, he’s not exactly hero material. Can two villains fall in love? Time to find out. These two don’t play nicely, they love hard and dirty, and they will take on the world for each other.

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