Brutal Ice

September 24, 2024 – Ice Breaker Cold Case Romance – Ice Breaker, Book 11

He was never meant to be anyone’s savior…and then he found her.

Royal Boudreaux isn’t interested in being a hero. Quite the opposite. Darkness clings to him, and he lets that darkness out by hunting and catching the most dangerous killers who roam the streets. Everyone needs a hobby, right? During his latest hunt, Royal expects to take down his prey. He doesn’t expect to find a beautiful woman trapped in the trunk of a car.

Save the woman. Then walk away…

He intends to drop the gorgeous victim at the nearest police station and then get the hell away from her. Only walking away isn’t an option for Royal. Not this time. Because there is something about dancer Violet Murphy that calls to him. A driving, primitive pull. He finds that can’t stay away from her. Scratch that–he doesn’t want to be away from Violet.  What he does want? Her. 

Determined, fierce, and unwilling to give in to the fear that he sees in her eyes, Violet slides right past Royal’s guard. Fragile on the outside, but with a core of steel in her soul, Violet is a fighter.  But she can’t fight this battle alone.

She needs protection. Lucky for her, Royal has experience at playing bodyguard.

When Royal saved Violet, the killer escaped. Somewhere in the hot Savannah night, the killer still lurks. Royal intends to protect Violet and take out his prey.  But Violet has uncovered the dark truth about Royal, and instead of being repelled, she’s determined to be at his side in order to get the justice she seeks.  Being a victim again? Not on her agenda, thanks.

An unlikely alliance. A desire that can’t be contained.

Danger. Lust. Need. Desire burns brutally hot on a Savannah night. But the killer isn’t the only one closing in…because a very unexpected ghost from Royal’s own past is heading to town. Everything Royal knew about himself is about to be completely upended.  Hero, monster…which one is he?  With chaos reigning, there is only one certainty for Royal…protect Violet. 

Save the woman. Then never, ever walk away.

Because you don’t walk away from the woman who holds your battered heart in the palm of her hand.

Author’s Note:  Royal’s hobby is dangerous, diabolical, and definitely not ordinary. But then again, he’s all of those things, too.  When he discovers Violet, his entire world shifts focus.  She matches him, she scares him, and…she just damn well might complete him.  But in order to have a life with Violet, Royal has to first hunt down and stop the man who abducted her—and killed three other women. Lucky for Royal, he’s not hunting alone. The Ice Breakers are back. Passion, twists, and hot romance are coming your way.