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Hi, everyone!  I’ve been pretty quiet lately, but I promise I have a good excuse–I’ve been writing!  (Though I promise to post more this month–I’m hoping to start some writing craft posts soon.)

So I have some news to share. First up, I thought I’d talk about what I’m currently writing–it’s a book with the tentative title of BURN FOR ME.  This is the first book in a new contract that I’ve signed with Kensington Brava (I’m doing three more full-length novels for Kensington–yay! I love writing my paranormals with my most awesome editor!).   The world in BURN FOR ME is a bit different from that of my other Kensington books. The paranormals are very much “out” in this book.  The humans all know of their existence, and this is not necessarily a good thing for those supernaturals…

The hero of BURN FOR ME is a phenix. Every time that he dies, he burns, and then he rises once more. Only…with each death, the hero comes back a bit darker.  Far more dangerous.   Each death puts him closer to madness.

Yes, I’m having fun with his story. I’m actually *almost* to the end of the draft, and that means that I pretty much just want to sit and write and my family has to wave their hands in front of my face in order to get my attention. I’ll be turning in this story on March 1. I don’t have a release date for it yet, but I’m thinking it will be in 2013.

For my next bit of update-y news…

I wanted to talk about my Bound novellas. Actually I wanted to send out a giant THANK YOU to readers regarding my Bound novellas. I am pretty overwhelmed by the success that these novellas have seen. Thank you! Thank you for reading the stories. For tweeting about them. For reviewing them. For spreading the word about them to readers. You’re amazing. Can I say again…thank you?  I am so glad that readers are enjoying my werewolf/vampire novellas.

When I started the Bound series, I wanted to create stories that featured my two favorite paranormal characters–a werewolf and a vampire. So my heroines were the vampires who became “Bound” to the werewolf heroes. I have enjoyed writing these books so very much–and, yes, I do plan to release a 4th Bound novella.  The idea is all formed in my head and ready to go, and I’d like to release this book in March (maybe early April).  I’ll have more details on that soon.

And…third piece of news…I often get emails from readers asking me if I will be writing any more romantic suspenses. The answer is…yes! Heck, yes!  I’m actually working on a new romantic suspense novel right now.  Again, more details will be coming soon.  But I just wanted to let you know–it’s coming! I love romantic suspense, and I’m excited to write this story.

Now, it’s back to writing time for me.  I hope that you have a great day!

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20 responses to “Update”

  1. Rhonda says:

    Hi Cynthia.
    I really enjoy your Bound novellas alot. They are great romance stories. I am anxiously awaiting some more of your Angels, The Fallen books also. And, a question. Are you writing some more of your Paranormal Romance books from the Immortal Rider, Eternal Hunter, I’ll Be Slaying You etc. books? I love these books also. The storylines are great. Thanks for writing your books and taking us to another world. 😀

    • Cynthia Eden says:

      Thank you, Rhonda! I’m so glad that you enjoy the stories!

      In the Night Watch World (I’ll Be Slaying You, Eternal Hunter, etc.), I have always wanted to write a story for Tony/Antonio. Poor guy–he needed some help. So that is one book that has been in my head for a while now. If I write it, I will post ASAP!

  2. Diane says:

    I wish you would do a lot more Bound books I enjoy them so much!

    • Cynthia Eden says:

      Thank you, Diane! I love writing them. Right now, I’m thinking that the next Bound book will be the last in that series (though, of course, things can change), but even if I end the Bound novellas at 4, I definitely plan to release more .99 reads. Writing novellas actually helps to make my mind feel relaxed and energized, so I just can’t give them up! I am considering a new werewolf novella series after the Bound books…

  3. Michele says:

    Thanks so much for the update, you have a very busy schedule I don’t know how you do it.

    Love everything you write so extremely excited to hear about a new series in the paranoraml world 😀

    Ok, I do have a question… in NEVER CRY WOLF, you introduced us to some pretty interesting men that are referred to as the “4 Horsemen”, will they have their stories told?

    • Cynthia Eden says:

      LOL, I loved those Horsemen! They are guys that are very big possibilities for future stories. If they do not get full length stories of their own, I’d be very open to doing novellas for them…(Nothing definite is planned yet, but I just wanted you to know I haven’t forgotten about those guys, and I do think about their stories.)

      Thanks, Michele!

  4. Mirian says:

    Cynthia all your books are absolutely FANTASTIC…I love the bound novellas but find I wish they were longer 🙁 I get started, all excited and into it and before i know it it’s done 🙁
    I love all your books and can’t wait for Sam’s story already! I’m very excited about this Phenix! type faster Cynthia lol. Your books ROCK!

  5. azteclady says:

    Thank you for the news! More writing = great news!

  6. Jen Lowe says:

    YAY! Can’t wait to keep up with all your books! I’m reading Midnight Sins now and have Midnight Master waiting for me….Then I plan to move on to the Deadly Heat series and the Bound series, which I just downloaded to my Kindle! YAY! Only wish I could read all day long! 😉 Keep up the great work!

    • Cynthia Eden says:

      Thank you, Jen!! And I am just like you–I have a stack of books that I so wish I could just sit and read all day long. We need more reading time!

  7. Viki S. says:

    I love the novellas too. That poor guy in BURN FOR ME. How horrible to keep coming back a bit darker each time. This is going to make for a really good bad boy isn’t it ;)? What’s his name?

    • Cynthia Eden says:

      Thank you, Viki! I am being terrible to the poor Burn For Me guy, but I am going to give him a good ending–promise! His name is Cain O’Connor.

  8. Barb P says:

    Hi Cynthia! This is all just fantastic news! More reads from my fav author. I too have indulged in the Bound Novellas and absolutely loved them ( although for some reason, I can’t seem to get Bound in Darkness on my KOBO ) The new series sounds awesome and I am eagerly awaiting Angel Betrayed. Keep them coming my friend, keep them coming.

  9. Heather says:

    I LOVE the Bound series! I cant wait to read more. My only complaint was that there weren’t more and they weren’t longer!!! I am trying to decide which series of yours to start next. I will be at AAD in NOLA this year and cant wait to meet you!

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