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Time for an update on the rerelease of my Night Watch Paranormal Romances!

I originally published my “Night Watch” books (steamy romances about paranormal bounty hunters) all the way back in 2010. Time sure does fly when you are having fun. 😉 I received the rights back to those books, and I have given them new covers and new titles. (Side note: When writers get the “rights” back–those rights normally don’t include the rights to the covers. That would be why you see so many authors putting up new covers when they are doing rereleases.)

I did MILD edits to these books to get them ready for rerelease. By that, I mean that I have not made any major scene changes to these stories. I did take out pesky fax machines and things of that nature. But if you read the books when they were originally released in 2010, you do not need to worry that new scenes have been added. The main material is the same.

When will I be rereleasing these books? Next week!! That’s the plan! And, ahem, speaking of the plan…when the first book in the series is released, I want to make it free for a few days. This way, if readers click the book and realize they have already read it, well, it was free! 😉 When I get the price adjusted and the books are at retailers, I will post to let everyone know what is happening. There will not be a preorder for the books. They’ll just release. (Or, rerelease!)

I’ve included some pics below so that you can see the old titles and covers and the new titles and covers.

Please let me say–I absolutely loved writing these books. They were some of the very first books that I ever wrote, and they brought me more joy than I could ever have imagined. ❤

Night Watch Rereleases:

ETERNAL HUNTER…will be rereleased as HUNT ME DOWN.

I’LL BE SLAYING YOU will be rereleased as SLAY MY NAME.

ETERNAL FLAME will be rereleased as FACE YOUR DEMON.

(I always wanted to have titles that connected and now they do!)

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