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It’s here! WAITING FOR CHRISTMAS is officially available in print and ebook. I am so excited to bring readers a brand new Christmas romance. I love this time of the year so much! I hope this book puts you in the ho-ho-holiday mood. 😉

Unwrap a hot holiday romance.

How long has he been waiting?

His whole life. That’s how long Wyatt Roth feels like he has been waiting for Christmas “Christy” Sharpe to realize she’s meant to be with him. But gorgeous and vivacious Christy has always seen him as just her little brother’s best friend. One ridiculous year—he’s only younger than her by one year—and doesn’t she get that he’s grown up? He’s a doctor, part of an elite special operations surgical team—a team that has been trained in medicine and in military battle. There is no fight he can’t win. He won’t give up on her.

She’s home for the holidays…but running scared.

The last thing he expects is to find a terrified Christy on his doorstep just days before Christmas. But a stalker has sent her running to the only place she has a safe haven. Wyatt takes her in and vows to protect her. No one will be hurting Christy on his watch. And with her finally under his roof—finally staying close 24/7—he can show Christy that he’s been there for her all along.

Right. There. Waiting.

When did Wyatt Roth get so big? So dangerous? So…insanely sexy with all of his muscles and that tempting grin? Christy can’t believe it when the tall, hot doc answers the door and immediately vows to protect her. She has an ex who won’t let go, and the guy has been scaring her so badly that she had to rush away in the middle of the night. But now Wyatt is promising to keep her safe, the magic of the holiday season is surrounding her, and when she finds herself sharing a passionate kiss with Wyatt under the mistletoe Christy realizes…

Maybe what she’s wanted her whole life has been right in front of her.

What happens when the boy you knew grows into a rugged, too sexy to be true man? A man who has deadly skills, wicked wit, and an amazing kissing ability? During the magic of the holidays, anything can happen. But you have to be careful, because danger is always close, and the thing you want most in the world…just might be lost in the blink of an eye.

Time for some holly, jolly romance…with a side dose of suspense. WAITING FOR CHRISTMAS is a hot holiday novella (33,000 words) designed to get you in the ho-ho-ho spirit. Fall in love, get your heart racing, and prepare to be both naughty and nice as you sink into the story. 

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Read the first chapter now! WAITING FOR CHRISTMAS releases on 11/14/23, but you can read the first chapter of my new holiday romance right now.

She’s his best friend’s sister. And Wyatt Roth has been in love with her since he was fifteen. This year, he’s done waiting.

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“I’ve wanted you for years. But I’m not some psycho asshole who is going to take advantage when you’re scared. I can control myself. Always have. Always will.” She needed to understand this. “You have nothing to ever fear from me.”

“You’ve…wanted—what?” Her words ended in a little squeak.

Oh, yes. He was one hundred percent oversharing. And if it hadn’t been helluva-late-o’thirty, he would have shut his fool mouth. But, nope, he just opened it and said, quite clearly, “I’ve wanted you for years.”

“But, you’re…you’re Forth’s best friend—”

“Absolutely. Would die for him in an instant.” But I would also gladly die—or kill—to protect you.

“You’re my little brother’s—”

His hands fell to his sides. Deliberately, he closed in on her. She retreated, backing toward the den. Toward the tree with the lights that gleamed softly.  “I’m not so little any longer.” 

WAITING FOR CHRISTMAS releases on 11/14/23!

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Monster Without Mercy – Available Now

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The king of destruction is here! MONSTER WITHOUT MERCY is available now!

He’s the king of destruction, and he’s allergic to all things good. He has three days to convince Mercy Josephine–the descendant of an angel–to give up her soul for him. Should be a snap. After all, it’s not like the big, bad monster in the dark would ever fall for his prey…

Want a teaser?

“I don’t want to be ripped apart.”

 “Then you won’t be.” Fuck. Why had he just said that? He— “I won’t let anyone rip you apart.”

 Her lashes fluttered. “Thank you.”

 Pain knifed through him. Truly, like a knife had just stabbed his foolish self right in the stomach. Then twisted. Why in the name of heaven and hell had he just vowed to protect her? He didn’t protect anyone. He usually threw victims to the wolves, not the other way around. He didn’t shield victims from attacks.

 But she’s mine.

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MONSTER WITHOUT MERCY releases on 10/24!!!

How about a teaser?

“I’ll destroy the wolves,” Xavier offered. A casual offer. Like he was just telling her he could take out the trash. “Annihilate their whole pack. No one fucks with what belongs to me.”

Her temples ached. The throbbing got worse with every word. “I don’t want you destroying anything for me.”

“Fine. I’ll do it for shits and giggles.” 

She reached out and touched his arm.  He was solid and warm beneath her fingers. “You are real.” 

“Your own walking, talking nightmare.” The red flared hotter in his gaze. “You aren’t crazy. You’re just prey. Monsters are drawn to you. Probably were drawn to your mother, too.  You really saw them kill her.  You didn’t imagine a damn thing.” 

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