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Yesterday, Willa asked if I could tell more about my current WIP and I realized–I haven’t done a project update in a very long time!

So I thought I’d just take a little time today and update you on the projects I’m currently working on (or planning to work on soon!).  And if you have any questions about the books or books-to-come,  just leave me a comment.

Earlier this year, I was offered a contract by Grand Central Publishing (for the Forever romance line).  The contract was for three romantic suspense novels that focused on the SSD–the Serial Services Division in the FBI.  The SSD tracks and apprehends serials–serial killers, arsonists, rapists, kidnappers…

I’ve written the first two books in this series (with the tentative and quite possibly changing names of EVIL MINDS and EVIL DEEDS).  I still have revision and editing work to do on those tales, but in the mean time, I am working on the third book in the series, EVIL RISING (again, only a tentative title).  EVIL RISING focuses on a serial kidnapping plot, so right now, yeah, I’m in the middle of a kidnapping.  🙂

And again, this is tentative now, but I *think* we are looking at back-to-back (to back?) releases for these 3 books next year.  They’re sexy books, but dark.  EVIL MINDS was the darkest book I’d ever written, but I sure did enjoy writing my heroine.  She is one of my favorite characters.

Now, on the paranormal front, I have signed a contract to write 3 more paranormal books for Kensington Brava.  Go, paranormals!  Before I tell you about the paranormals that I am planning to write, I think I’llgo over the release schedule I have for the ones already written:

June 30, 2009…release of MIDNIGHT’S MASTER (thanks, Michele!!); the third book in my Midnight trilogy. Niol gets his story.

August 25, 2009…release of BELONG TO THE NIGHT anthology (with Shelly Laurenston  and Sherrill Quinn); my contribution to this anthology is a vampire tale; vampires vs. shifters!  If you read WHEN HE WAS BAD, then you’ve met the hero of this story–the vampire Liam.

December 2009…re-release of HOTTER AFTER MIDNIGHT in mass market form

January 2010…..release of ETERNAL HUNTER; the first book in my new paranormal bounty hunter series.  My hero is a white tiger shifter and my heroine–well, I guess you’ll have to wait and find out! I am a tease!

TBD 2010…(I’ll post a definite date in 2010 when I’m sure, promise!)…release of I’LL BE SLAYING YOU (tentative title).  Vampires, baby. Vampires.  This is the second book in my paranormal bounty hunter series.

Now, all of these paranormal books are written, my lovely editor has them at her office and even though I still have to do copy-edits and line-edits, I still list them in my “done” pile.

This is my “to-do” paranormal pile:

-The next paranormal book I write will be the third in my paranormal bounty hunter series. I absolutely know that I am writing this book.  I’ve got the characters in my head. I’ve got the plot ready to go. Actually, this book has been screaming at me while I did my RS writing, but it won’t have to scream much longer. As soon as my RS stories are done, I’ll go back to my bounty hunters. This story will focus on a demon and a fire-starter.

-For those of you who have written to ask me what will become of Lucas (the wolf shifter from IMMORTAL DANGER), rest easy!  My editor gave me the go-ahead to write his story.  So his book is on the list for me! And if you’re wondering about his book, I’ll tell you this…I know his heroine will be one charming woman. Okay, yeah, bad joke, but if you’re read my stories, you know what kind of Other she’ll be.

-The third book in my contract…no details yet for you!

And then, hopefully, I’ll have more contracts and I can do more sexy paranormals and dark suspenses.

If you’ve got any questions about stories that are coming up or if there are characters you’d like to read more about, let me know! Thanks!!

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19 responses to “Project Update”

  1. azteclady says:


    Color me impressed! You’ve been BUSY, Ms Eden! Wow!

  2. LaDonna says:

    Cindy, you are one prolific gal! Color me happy about your successes, and I’ll always cheer you on. You’ve got a heart of old, girl! 🙂

  3. LaDonna says:

    Ah, make that a “heart of gold”! But hey, an old heart means an old soul, and that means you’ve got a deep file you can access for all that creative work you do!

  4. You have no idea how excited I am after reading this!!!!! OMG Cynthia! You are friggin awesome. You write fantastic suspense so I can not wait for your romantic suspense books!!! And a paranormal bounty hunter….man. I am super super excited!!! 🙂 🙂 :)All of your books in the works sounds great. I can’t wait!!

  5. Willa says:

    Oh WoW – boy, does it pay to be nosy!! 😀

    This is sooo exciting – back-to-back-to-back releases – YaY! Will these rs books be mass market or trade?

    Loved Lucas in ID – sooo pleased to hear another bad wolf will be having his own story . . 😀

    Sexy & dark = heaven! Can’t wait!

  6. Cynthia Eden says:

    LOL, thanks, azteclady!

    Hi, LaDonna! Heart of old or heart of gold–I’ll take them both as great compliments!! 🙂

    Thank you, Rachael!! I sure hope folks enjoy my RS stories. I’ve had fun writing them–they sent me to some dark places. Hmm…wait, that doesn’t sound fun, does it?
    Since I’m going to be doing both the RS and the paranormals, you’ll probably be seeing a change in the look of my website soon. I want the site to reflect both areas so I’m tinkering with layout ideas now.

    Hey, Willa! I’m so glad you asked about the story. I should have posted an update sooner. Next time, just yell at me. 🙂

    The romantic suspense books will all be mass market.

    I’m excited about the back-to-back-to-back releases, too. I’m trying to hammer the stories out as quickly as I can because I know I’ll need to do edits and revisions and I want to make certain everything is set so the release dates can be confirmed.

    My plan is to hit the mid-way point on the last RS book this weekend. Let’s see if I can do it.

  7. Jane says:

    Wow, there are so many books to look forward to. I’m especially excited about the Evil books.

  8. Brandy says:

    Whew! I had to take notes to add all those to my TBB list! I love the fact that you’ll have so many books out! And YAY! Lucas gets a book! AWESOME! *G* Congratulations on your year to come!

  9. natasha says:

    Hi Cynthia,
    I don’t know how you do it, but keep up the good work. I am so glad Lucas is getting a book, I think his heroine’s name should be Natasha 😉

  10. Edie says:

    OMG! I am so impressed. You are amazing! I’m looking forward to all your books.

  11. I can’t wait to see what you do with your website. I love the idea of back to back releases! That’s the best. I am so excited about the paranormal bounty hunter series…

    Do you know when you will have covers to post?

  12. Willa says:

    Ooh – a new look website too?

    And whilst Natasha is a lovely name for a heroine, me thinks Willa & Lucas sounds great 😉

  13. Michele says:

    Hey Cynthia!!!! I’m like RachelfromNJ, OMG!!! I can’t believe how much you have written. I am as excited as everyone else in all the stories we have to look forward to. I’m looking forward to your SSD stories, I think you have said in earlier blogs that one of your stories the heroine is a firefighter. And also very happy to hear that Lucas will be getting his story.

    Thank you Willa for asking the question and thank you Cynthia for the awesome answer 🙂

    PS: Just wanted to add to your release schedule, Niol wasn’t on it. Midnight Master comes out June 30th 🙂 This is one book your readers do not want to miss out on 😀

  14. Zoe Winters says:

    I’m so excited to hear about your mass market release. Going from trades to MMPB in romance is a HUGE thing and will net you a larger readerbase.


  15. Cynthia Eden says:

    Thanks, Jane! I hope you like those books!

    Thank you, Brandy! Once I have all these books written, I’ll be feeling so much better. 🙂 And next year should be fun with all the releases!

    LOL, Natasha is a beautiful name!!! (And thank you!)

    Right back at you, Edie!! You know I’m waiting for some of your stories!

    Yes, Willa, hopefully that look will be up soon. If you have any suggestions, feel free to throw them out. I’m thinking a divided screen effect up at top…one side paranormal and the other darker with a RS feel. But, please, do make me some suggestions!

    Hi, Michele! Gah! How could I not have listed Niol’s story? I’ll fix that right away!
    And, yes, the heroine in EVIL DEEDS is a firefighter. Doing the research for that one was fun! Firefighters are awesome. 🙂 Thank you, Michele!

    Thanks, Zoe! I’m excited about the releases–now, if I can just get them all finished!

  16. Fedora says:

    Holy schmoly–you’re incredibly busy, Cynthia! Yay for us 😉 More to read!!

  17. Cynthia Eden says:

    Rachael, how did I miss your post? I apologize for not responding sooner! I hope to have the cover for ETERNAL HUNTER pretty soon to post. As soon as I get the all clear from Megan, I’ll put it right up!

    LOL, Fedora, I think I’ve just about burned out the poor laptop I bought last November. The keys are already sticking!

  18. Aww it’s ok Cynthia. I can’t wait to see the cover for Eternal Hunter!

  19. Becky says:

    I can’t wait to check these out. I LOVE vampire books, and coincidentally just finished reading a great one tonight..”Forbidden: The Temptation” by Samantha Sommersby. I finished it in one day (I couldn’t put it down). I will be looking forward to the release of your new books, especially “Belong To the Night” – August 25th can not come fast enough.