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BURN FOR ME, my latest paranormal romance from Kensington Publishing, will release on 1/28/14.  To celebrate the release of BURN FOR ME (and the recent release of UNDERCOVER CAPTOR), I’ll be having a party on my Facebook Fan Page all day on 1/28.  So if you can, please plan to attend! There will be lots of giveaways and surprises all day long.

And to get you in the BURN FOR ME mood…here’s an excerpt from the tale. I hope you enjoy it!



“I won’t hurt you.”

She jumped at the sound of his voice; and what a dark, rumbling voice it was. When the big, bad wolf from that old fairy tale talked, Eve bet the beast had sounded just like Subject Thirteen.

She exhaled and hoped she didn’t look rattled. “I didn’t think you would.”

His lips twisted in the faintest of smiles—one that called her a liar.

Eve put the stethoscope over his heart. She adjusted the equipment, listened, and glanced up at him in surprise. “Is your heartbeat always this fast?” Grabbing his chart, she scanned through the notes. Fast, but not this fast. His heart was galloping like a racehorse.

Eve put her hand against his forehead and hissed out a breath. The guy was hot. Not warm, not feverish, hot.

And she was so close to him that her breasts brushed his arm.

Subject Thirteen’s heartbeat grew even faster.

Oh . . . just . . . oh. Hell. She hurried backward a bit.

“I need to draw a sample of your blood.” She also wanted to take his temperature because the guy had to be scorching. Just what was he? Not a vampire, those guys could never heat up this much. A shifter? Maybe. She’d seen one of those subjects on her first day. But the shifter had been in a cozy dorm-type room.

He hadn’t been shackled.

Eve put up the stethoscope and reached for a needle. She eased closer to Thirteen once more and rose onto her toes. The guy was big, at least six three, maybe six four, so she couldn’t quite reach his ear as she whispered, “Are you here willingly?”

Eve began to draw his blood. Thirteen didn’t even flinch as the needle slid into his arm.

But he did give a small, negative shake of his head.

Shit. She eased back down and tried to figure out just how she could help him.

“I’m Eve.” She licked her lips. His gaze followed the movement. The darkness in his stare seemed to heat. Everything about the guy was hot. “I-I can help you.”

He laughed then, and the sound chilled her. “No,” he said in that deep rumble of a voice, “you can’t.”



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4 responses to “BURN FOR ME – Excerpt and Party!”

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  2. Viki S. says:

    Happy Release Day tomorrow!!!!

    I’ll be in and out all day tomorrow – thank you.

  3. Lorraine Hossington says:

    I have been looking forward to Burn For Me. Totally different paranormal romance. Is it Published in the U.K today? Will be coming along to celebrate with you, later.

  4. Babel says:

    So sexy! 😉 I’ve just found out about this book through a blog, glad I did!
    By the way, I love the cover. Not many kisses available on covers, and I love to see one so passionate.