September 11

Posted in Romance on September 11th, 2006 by Cynthia Eden

My thoughts and prayers go to all of those people who lost their loved ones in the attacks on September 11.

I’ve been watching the memorial services on TV today, and the events just seem so surreal to me. So much death. And so much courage in the face of evil.

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Option Clause

Posted in Romance on September 10th, 2006 by Cynthia Eden

Saskia Walker has a great post up about option clauses in writing contracts. If you’re a writer, you should definitely check it out!

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The Covenant

Posted in Romance on September 9th, 2006 by Cynthia Eden

So I saw The Covenant today–yeah, I know it’s a film about high school students–but they were witches–I had to see it! Unfortunately, it was a bit disappointing.

Every time one of the guys (and yes, only guys got to do magic in this flick) used his power, his eyes flashed to black. Um, kind of obvious, isn’t it? If you’re trying to keep your magical super-powers secret, having a black eye flashing situation isn’t exactly on the low down. I mean, people can tell when your entire eye goes black! Of course, people all also notice little things like flying Hummers.

I knew I was in trouble with this film when I started creating alternate movie plots in my head. Never a good sign. But I toughed it out until the end. Keep hoping for an awesome surprise…but I just didn’t get it.

The actors did a good job, but the script could have been so much better. And I really, really would have liked the movie more if the female characters did more than just dance for the guys…

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15 Pages…

Posted in Romance on September 9th, 2006 by Cynthia Eden

My Idea File is now fifteen pages long. Yep, fif-teen pages. Guess I won’t be suffering from writer’s block anytime soon, huh? Lately, I’ve been getting quite a few ideas for stories. I just typed one called Premonitions in the file–that’s how I realized my ideas now spanned 15 pages. I’m trying to stay focused on my current WIP, but it’s hard! These other ideas keep whispering to me…

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New Brava Site

Posted in Romance on September 5th, 2006 by Cynthia Eden

The Brava authors have a new website–and it looks fabulous! There’s a blog, info on upcoming releases, and a great forum featuring “Kate’s Corner” (for Editorial Director Kate Duffy). Very, very nice!

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