Twisting History

Posted in Romance on June 15th, 2006 by Cynthia Eden

I love history. Absolutely love it. Heck, I even taught it for a while. So many really interesting, really weird things happened in the past.

One of my favorite things to do is to take a real historical event, analyze it, then twist it. Oh, yeah, I get lots of plot ideas this way. Take for example, the Beast of Gevaudan. In the 1760s, France wasn’t the safest place to be. A strange, wolf-like beast (the Beast of Gevaudan) was prowling the countryside, killing dozens of people (a hundred according to some), leaving a trail of blood and terror in its wake. Eventually a creature was killed (actually, I think several creatures were killed–and the hunters all said they’d slayed the beast!), but one particular wolf/dog was killed by–gasp–a silver bullet.

Now, for the most part, my little Beast tale is supported by fact. But, in my mind, I add a bit more to the tale. I think the Beast was a real werewolf. And I don’t think the creature was ever killed by a hunter. I think it simply left the area in search of a new hunting ground, and I think it continued its attacks for years…and years.

There I go, twisting history.

When I wrote my werewolf novellas for Red Sage, I decided to create werewolf heroes who hailed from France…in honor of the Beast. (But don’t worry, my heroes aren’t blood-thirsty fiends–they’re the good guys, really! The pack always punishes any wolf/man who attacks innocents.)

Of course, there are so many other tales from history that interest me. King Tut’s tomb, Cleopatra’s suicide, Elizabeth Bathory and her blood baths. So many…

Does anyone out there have any favorite historial facts that you’d like to twist?

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The late night write.

Posted in Romance on June 13th, 2006 by Cynthia Eden

It’s almost 10:30. Nick’s gone to have drinks with his friends. Jack’s been sleeping since seven. And I’ve just finished a chapter of my current WIP. (Um, let me clarify–I didn’t just write a whole chapter–I finished the one I started yesterday.) It’s quiet, except for the faint murmur of the baby monitor and the soft rumbling of some show that’s on the TV (I actually just realized the thing was still on). And for the last hour, I’ve had the perfect time to write.

Normally, I’m not much for night writing. I write at night when I absolutely have to do so–when I just can’t find any other time. For the last couple of months, I’ve been experimenting with finding my perfect writing time. I’ve discovered that I write best (and fastest) during the middle of the day. My mind’s awake (not too tired as happens in the morning and the night for me), everything’s bright, and my focus is much stronger.

Any one else have a favorite time to write? And are you actually able to sit down and write at that time, or are you like me, and you write whenever you get a quiet moment?

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The Wizard’s Spell

Posted in Romance on June 13th, 2006 by Cynthia Eden

I’ve just learned that The Wizard’s Spell may be available this July or August. Wow. One of the very good things about working with ImaJinn–since they are a small press, there is generally a fast turnaround time on publication.

So, in light of my upcoming release, I’ll try to finish up one of my trailers and post it very, very soon. Hmmm…maybe I’ll even aim for next week.

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Talent and Timing

Posted in Romance on June 10th, 2006 by Cynthia Eden

I think most writers agree that in order to sell your work, you’ve got to have talent. But, in addition to having the talent, I think timing plays a HUGE role.

There are thousands of writers out there, all fighting to break into the publishing world. And many, many of those writers are talented. So, I think the “break” comes with perfect timing.

Think about it: If a new line is opening somewhere (say, Harelquin and their Nocturne line or Avon Red), then those lines need writers…and it’s the perfect time to submit.

Or, if a line expands, say a category line goes from producing 4 books a month to 6….it’s definitely the perfect time to submit.

Yes, I think talent will push a writer’s work out of the slush pile, and timing, the perfect timing, will push you to a sale.

But if you submit at the wrong time…say you send in a western just as a publishing house has decided to end their western line, talent won’t be enough to save that story. Or, if you have a fresh, brilliant idea that you submit–and then you find out that the publishing house of your dreams just bought a nearly identical fresh, brilliant concept…the timing will just work against you.

So, the issue becomes when do you know the time is right?! Ah…that’s the trick. I read industry blogs, industry mags (Romantic Times), and I try to eagerly grab every bit of gossip that I can in order to seek out my perfect time. And here’s a bit of news that I’ve picked up recently:

Harlequin American is looking for new writers (per the July issue of the Romantic Times).
And, a few weeks ago, Anna Genoese of Tor posted on her blog that she was looking for paranormal romance novels and romantic suspense tales.

Yep, it’s about talent…and timing.

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Every five seconds…

Posted in Romance on June 7th, 2006 by Cynthia Eden

According to a Business Week report, a romance novel is purchased every five seconds. Wow. That’s pretty incredible. And great news for romance writers!

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