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There are lots of book deals coming your way this month. The first one? Kensington Publishing Corp. has put HOWL FOR IT on sale–you can snag the title for $1.99 at ebook retailers.

What is HOWL FOR IT? Well, this book actually contains two stories. One is by the awesome Shelly Laurenston (LIKE A WOLF WITH A BONE) and the other story is from me (WED OR DEAD). HOWL FOR IT was published way back in August of 2012, so let’s call this a sale on a classic, shall we? 😉

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One response to “HOWL FOR IT – Sale”

  1. Jessica Handley says:

    I looked for Howl For It on the majority of the sites with links. Unfortunately, it isn’t on sale on any of them, and it isn’t available at all on Apple. It’s a shame, because I definitely would have bought it. What’s not to like, getting a book with 2 of your favorite authors! Hopefully, it will go on sale eventually.