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Today it’s my pleasure to have the talented Elisabeth Naughton here for some demon fun.  But Elisabeth isn’t talking about the good, sexy demons…no, sometimes, demons can just be bad. Elisabeth is also going to give us a sneak peek at her new paranormal series, and she’s giving away two fabulous prizes–so read on to learn how to win!

Welcome, Elisabeth!


The Non-Heroic Demon

Thanks so much to Cynthia for having me here today! It’s very fun to be talking about demons. I *wish* I could say I write those super sexy have-to-have-me-some-of-that type demons, but alas, I don’t. What do I write? Really gruesome Underworld demons (or, as I refer to them – daemons) you definitely wouldn’t want to run into late at night in a dark alley.

My new paranormal series – Eternal Guardians – doesn’t launch until May 2010, but here’s a sneak peek. The first book in the series, MARKED, is the story of a mythological warrior – a descendant of Heracles (Hercules) – one of seven warriors (or Argonauts) who protect his race. (Now Theron is super sexy have-to-have-me-some-of-that!) A vengeful god is out to destroy their world, and one lone woman in the human realm is their only hope. She, linked to both worlds though blood and history though she does not know it yet, is marked to complete the prophecy that will end the god’s immortal reign.

That vengeful god (Atalanta) will do whatever it takes to reap her ultimate revenge on my Guardians. And the army she’s amassed in her fight is made up of hideous beasts from the Underworld called (you guessed it) daemons. These daemons are nothing more than humans once trapped in the Fields of Asphodel (Purgatory) who, through magic and a pact, have pledged their allegiance to Atalanta in exchange for a second shot at life. Some were truly evil and knew they were headed to Tartarus to be tortured at the hand of Hades. Some were just plain stupid. And when I said you wouldn’t want to run into a daemon in a dark alley? I wasn’t kidding. A daemon has the body of a man, the face of a lion, the ears of a dog and the horns of a goat. He’s also huge, easily seven feet tall and over 300 lbs. He’s fast, not easily killed, and he will stop at nothing to destroy the Guardians and their entire world.

Of course, there’s a catch. (There’s always a catch, isn’t there?) If a daemon is killed a second time, his soul is sent straight to Tartarus where he will be tortured for all eternity. Atalanta doesn’t much care because as far as she’s concerned there are always more souls in the Fields of Asphodel she can recruit to her cause, but a daemon cares. A daemon definitely cares. And Hades? Oh, he’s just sitting back waiting and watching. A soul is a soul to him. One way or the other, he knows they’re all headed his way. The question becomes simply, when? And just how low into the depths of hell can that particular daemon be pulled.

I love writing paranormal stories because the possibilities are endless. Like I said before, my demons are definitely not sexy and there’s no real way an above described daemon could end up a hero of a story. (Though I’ll never say never because you know what? Anything’s possible in paranormal). What I find fascinating about demons is that every writer writes them differently. As my editor was recently quoted as saying in Publisher’s Weekly, “Demons are the new vampires.”

Okay, so I have TWO prizes to hand out today to two very lucky commenters. The first is a copy of my recent RS release – STOLEN FURY.


(I know, I know, this book isn’t paranormal, but I don’t have arcs of MARKED yet. Hopefully this book will tide you over) – and the second is this beautiful necklace!


In case you can’t read it, the inscription on the swirl says “There is nothing as strong as tenderness and nothing as tender as true strength.”

Leave me a comment to be entered into the drawing for both!

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94 responses to “30 Days of Demons, Day 4: Elisabeth Naughton”

  1. Brandy says:

    The new series sounds awesome, though I keep trying to picture the Daemons you’ve described with the dog ears. *G* Are they the floppy dog ears or the standing up straight dog ears? I’ll definitely be putting Marked on my TLF list for next year!

  2. ROFL, Brandy! Oy. I’m not picturing the floppy Basset Hound ears! Nothing says scary like a Basset Hound, don’t you think?

    They’re the standing up ears. Like wolves. I should have said wolf ears. LOL

    (still chuckling over that one…)

  3. Karen H in NC says:

    Add me to the draw please. Always on the lookout for new-to-me authors to add to my TBR pile.

  4. Thanks for all the nice comments on the cover of STOLEN FURY. I’ve been very lucky so far. My covers for the RS STOLEN books have been great. I’m really excited to see what the art department does with paranormal books.

    Now to answer a few questions…

    For those of you curious about the pnr series, Book 1 – MARKED – releases May 2010. Book 2 (working title is DECEIVED) is slated for Nov 2010. There are 7 guardians, so there could be at least 7 books in this series, maybe more.

    Booklover1335 – you are definitely a romantic! My editor and I didn’t want to limit the series to only seven books which is why we didn’t call it the Seven Guardians or something like that. There are several secondary characters who *could* one day become main characters. Case in point…there’s a character in the first two books who is half Guardian and half daemon. When I wrote the first book, I thought, “HOW could that even be possible?”, and yet the combination lends itself to all kinds of possibilities. He’s a dark, agressive, very scary-kind of character (who yes, looks all human) who does bad things but could one day (possibly) be redeemed.

    MarnieCollette – the Eternal Guardians series really came about because of my love for Greek Mythology. I’ve also always been fascinated by the heroes from Greek myth – Hercules, Odysseus, Perseus, Jason, etc. – mortals who are half human and half god. In the back of my head I’ve always sort of wondered…what if they’d created their own race? What if they were mortal but with supernatural powers? And what if they were roaming around earth and humans didn’t know it.

    Laurel – that’s too funny. You must really like the cover for STOLEN FURY (I do too!)

    And Ilona, I got the necklace here at a local boutique. I have a few others (similar, not exactly the same) I’m going to be giving away on my blog this summer, so check in there now and then for other chances to win.

  5. Pam P says:

    Hi Elisabeth, I’m definitely interested in your Eternal Guardians. I’ve always liked Greek mythology, started reading stories as a kid about them all.

    Not entering for your RS book as it’s now in my current TBR, but do like the necklace.

  6. Paula says:

    I’m looking forward to the new series and now I’m intrigued by the half Guardian and half daemon character you mentioned.

  7. Caroline Kolb says:

    TOO COOL! There’s a “hell” that demons can be sent to to suffer torture for eternity. Now that really is turnabout is fair play.

  8. danni says:

    Hey Elizabeth!! The new paranormal series sounds really good, can’t wait to read it. Also can’t wait to read Stolen Fury.

  9. Diane Sadler says:

    Hi Elisabeth. I read your preview of Marked and it sounds great. I even went to Amazon to put it on my wish list but it’s not on their website yet; that’s OK I simply put your book Stolen Fury instead an in the comments reminded myself about Marked for next year

  10. Sej says:

    Wow! Not only am I looking forward to reading Stolen Fury, but I’m even more looking forward to reading Stolen Heat – it’s the type of story that I love – reunion!

    I’m trying not to get pulled into your Eternal Guardian series b/c I have to wait a YEAR! But darn it! They sound intriguing! Looking forward to them!

  11. Greta says:

    Hey Elisabeth your new paranormal series sounds awesome. I already have it on my TBB list. Can’t wait for Stolen Heat – looks to be as awesome as Stolen Fury. The necklace is gorgeous.

  12. Thanks, Sej! I’m a sucker for a reunion story myself. STOLEN HEAT is one of my fav’s in the series. I hope you enjoy it!

  13. You all are so sweet! I’m sorry you have to wait 11 mo. (that sounds way better than a year, doesn’t it???) for the Eternal Guardian’s series to start. A year in publishing is nothing, but in real life it’s forrrrrrrrrrreeeevver. So I feel your pain. But check my blog on Saturdays this summer for the Saturday Snippets (Cynthia has them here as well and links to my blog too). I’ll be posting excerpts and scenes from both the Stolen books and MARKED.


  14. LOL. I’m sorry you all have to wait 11 mo. (that sounds way better than a year, doesn’t it???) for the Eternal Guardian’s series to start. A year in publishing is nothing, but in real life it’s forrrrrrrrrrreeeevver. So I feel your pain. But check my blog on Saturdays this summer for the Saturday Snippets (Cynthia has them here as well and links to my blog too). I’ll be posting excerpts and scenes from both the Stolen books and MARKED.


  15. Marie says:

    I’d love to win a copy of Stolen Fury. And the necklace is gorgeous! Great inscription 🙂

  16. Okay, that was weird. Comment went up twice. I know nuthin’ about cyberspace. 😉

  17. Amy S. says:

    Stolen Fury sounds great!

  18. Marked sounds like my kind of book!!! Cant wait to read it!

  19. Little Lamb Lost says:

    Your daemons do sound daunting. Will be curious to find out what could possibly sway a doomed soul to become such a creature.

  20. Sandy M says:

    That necklace is beautiful, Elizabeth! I have Stolen Fury in the TBR pile, got it just recently after a friend mentioning your books. Looking forward to reading it!

  21. stacey smith says:

    Your new series sounds like a book that i would like cant wait till it comes out butting it on my list of books to get some day.

  22. Audrey A says:

    The new series sounds awesome, I can’t wait. Marked is definitely going on my 2010 book list. Love the inscription on the necklace.

  23. Lyoness2009 says:

    30 days of demons are awesome…Meeting new authors and hearing about great new series!! Gonna have to check this one out, it looks great!! 😀

  24. Caffey says:

    Hi Elisabeth! I so will be watching for your paranormals! I’ll try to be patient smile! They absolutely sound fab! I’m excited! Will you be using the same name? I don’t want to miss them! Too I love reading a variety so would love to be in for STOLEN FURY! Thanks! and congrats too!

  25. Pam S says:

    Hi Elisabeth,

    Thank you for sharing info on your upcoming series. The Eternal Guardians sound awesome. Love the premise you’ve listed. I have always been a fan of greek Mythology so can’t wait to get to read :).

  26. RachieG says:

    Looks great Elisabeth! Happy to see you here for 30 days of Demons! 😀 Good luck in the future, can’t wait to see where these books go.

  27. Chris says:

    The necklace looks truly lovely! And I’m sure the book is fabulous as well, even if it’s not paranormal!

  28. Beverly G. says:

    elisabeth your stories never dissapoint so the paranormal one should be no different cant wait to read please count me in

  29. Jennifer Dorough says:

    Always on the look out for new(to me) authors to read and glad I read the blog today! So gonna keep a watch on you!

  30. Raelena says:

    pretty necklace!

  31. Melissa says:

    The Guardians sound great, Elisabeth. I cannot WAIT to read them~~I’m already wanting to hear more about this half Guardian/half Demon. I love redeemed Bad Boys!!!

  32. Margaret says:

    Thanks for such an interesting and thought-provoking column!

  33. Lindsey Ekland says:

    Seven Guardians so I can anticipate seven books and seven heroines as well. Is the paranormal equivalent of Seven Brides for Seven Brothers? Looking forward to your new releases.

  34. Llehn says:

    Thanks for sharing. Oooooo …. purdy necklace!

  35. Tamsyn T. says:

    A daemon with a lion’s face is okay but dog’s ears and goat horns? Yep, its hard to picture a hero out of this but it would certainly be fun to see if it can be done!:0) Will definitely check out the Eternal Guardians and their daemons! Tamsyn

  36. Fran says:

    I can’t wait to read the new series, it’s going on my wishlist 🙂 And the necklace is absolutely gorgeous. I have read Stolen Fury – it’s great. I can’t wait for the Stolen Heat.

  37. Beth aka The Warrior says:

    oooooh! Greek Mythology and lovely necklace!

  38. Donna S says:

    Thanks for sharing. Your new series looks great. Definitely going on my wishlist.

  39. Quilt Lady says:

    Your new series sounds awesome. I can’t wait to read it.

  40. limecello says:

    Demons *are* the new vampires, Elisabeth! Also, I loved all the nods to Greek/Classical mythology. 🙂
    I’ve just added to my book wish list! Thanks.

  41. Terri says:

    Thanks for sharing! And what a great necklace!

  42. Marked sounds wonderful and I’m definitely adding it to my wishlist.

  43. Valerie says:

    Looks like I-gotta-have-me-some-of-THAT book!!!! Hehe!!


  44. Terri W. says:

    Welcome Elizabeth,

    I love the book cover and the necklace.

    Please enter me into the contest!