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Today it’s my pleasure to have the talented Elisabeth Naughton here for some demon fun.  But Elisabeth isn’t talking about the good, sexy demons…no, sometimes, demons can just be bad. Elisabeth is also going to give us a sneak peek at her new paranormal series, and she’s giving away two fabulous prizes–so read on to learn how to win!

Welcome, Elisabeth!


The Non-Heroic Demon

Thanks so much to Cynthia for having me here today! It’s very fun to be talking about demons. I *wish* I could say I write those super sexy have-to-have-me-some-of-that type demons, but alas, I don’t. What do I write? Really gruesome Underworld demons (or, as I refer to them – daemons) you definitely wouldn’t want to run into late at night in a dark alley.

My new paranormal series – Eternal Guardians – doesn’t launch until May 2010, but here’s a sneak peek. The first book in the series, MARKED, is the story of a mythological warrior – a descendant of Heracles (Hercules) – one of seven warriors (or Argonauts) who protect his race. (Now Theron is super sexy have-to-have-me-some-of-that!) A vengeful god is out to destroy their world, and one lone woman in the human realm is their only hope. She, linked to both worlds though blood and history though she does not know it yet, is marked to complete the prophecy that will end the god’s immortal reign.

That vengeful god (Atalanta) will do whatever it takes to reap her ultimate revenge on my Guardians. And the army she’s amassed in her fight is made up of hideous beasts from the Underworld called (you guessed it) daemons. These daemons are nothing more than humans once trapped in the Fields of Asphodel (Purgatory) who, through magic and a pact, have pledged their allegiance to Atalanta in exchange for a second shot at life. Some were truly evil and knew they were headed to Tartarus to be tortured at the hand of Hades. Some were just plain stupid. And when I said you wouldn’t want to run into a daemon in a dark alley? I wasn’t kidding. A daemon has the body of a man, the face of a lion, the ears of a dog and the horns of a goat. He’s also huge, easily seven feet tall and over 300 lbs. He’s fast, not easily killed, and he will stop at nothing to destroy the Guardians and their entire world.

Of course, there’s a catch. (There’s always a catch, isn’t there?) If a daemon is killed a second time, his soul is sent straight to Tartarus where he will be tortured for all eternity. Atalanta doesn’t much care because as far as she’s concerned there are always more souls in the Fields of Asphodel she can recruit to her cause, but a daemon cares. A daemon definitely cares. And Hades? Oh, he’s just sitting back waiting and watching. A soul is a soul to him. One way or the other, he knows they’re all headed his way. The question becomes simply, when? And just how low into the depths of hell can that particular daemon be pulled.

I love writing paranormal stories because the possibilities are endless. Like I said before, my demons are definitely not sexy and there’s no real way an above described daemon could end up a hero of a story. (Though I’ll never say never because you know what? Anything’s possible in paranormal). What I find fascinating about demons is that every writer writes them differently. As my editor was recently quoted as saying in Publisher’s Weekly, “Demons are the new vampires.”

Okay, so I have TWO prizes to hand out today to two very lucky commenters. The first is a copy of my recent RS release – STOLEN FURY.


(I know, I know, this book isn’t paranormal, but I don’t have arcs of MARKED yet. Hopefully this book will tide you over) – and the second is this beautiful necklace!


In case you can’t read it, the inscription on the swirl says “There is nothing as strong as tenderness and nothing as tender as true strength.”

Leave me a comment to be entered into the drawing for both!

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94 responses to “30 Days of Demons, Day 4: Elisabeth Naughton”

  1. sarah :) says:

    wow, i have never read anything with bad demons yet, but no i am on the edge of my seat! ancient greeks plus a hot sexy story? thats my kinda book!!!! and that necklace is way pretty 🙂

  2. Edie says:

    Eli, your new series sounds awesome! I’m sure it will fit your voice perfectly. (Not that you have a mean, nasty voice, but you know what I mean.) I’m looking forward to reading your take on demons, and Stolen Fury!

    The necklace looks grogeous, too. Love the inscription. 🙂

  3. Nancy Gilliland says:

    Stolen Fury sounds like its going to be great! I always love a good versus evil tale, and as long as there is a hot hero too, you can’t go wrong. I know it’s a wait, but I’ll look forward to this one.

  4. Jean P says:

    your new series sounds really intriguing. Can’t wait to read it.
    Lovely necklace btw.

  5. Eva S says:

    This new paranormal series sounds interesting, I’ll add the books to my wishlist for 2010… And I’ve heard so much great about Stolen Fury, would love to read the book!

  6. Michelle says:

    I can’t wait to read the new series, and I love that necklace – absolutely gorgeous. I have Stolen Fury on my wishlist and would love to read it.


    Michelle (AntinMitchfield)

  7. Jamie Birdwell says:

    Oh this series sounds sooo cool!! I have never heard of a Demon that wasn’t sexy but I am up for learning..lol!!

  8. Pat says:

    Your imagination is traveling in gruesome places these days, Eli, but it’s always wonderful to see how far the Bond gals have come. {{{Hugs}}}

  9. CrystalGB says:

    Hi Eli. Good to see you here. Your new series sounds great.

  10. Amy Kathryn says:

    This sounds great. I love how a character can change so much in each author’s hands. Good demons, bad daemons, sexy vampires, evil vampires and on and on.

  11. alice says:

    I enjoyed your blog. I thought I knew about your new series, but didn’t know about the daemons. It sounds like quite a ride!

  12. Fedora says:

    Hi, Elizabeth! I’ve been hearing good things about your RS series and am glad to learn about your upcoming Eternal Guardians! And as others have said–gorgeous necklace! Will both of these series be ongoing?

  13. blodeuedd says:

    I really like that inscription on the necklace.
    And congrats on the 2010 release, I have always had a soft spot of greek mythology so it sounds just up my allay

  14. Fiona Vance says:

    I love Demons… and vamps, too, so the “new vamps” tag is fine with me 🙂 The whole beauty of paranormal for readers and writers, I think, is the endless possibility. I can’t wait to read the next “Stolen” book!

    Fiona Vance 🙂

  15. Paty Jager says:

    You’re books sound interesting in a creepy way! LOL you know me- the abominable snowman scares me! Your blog was interesting and you research and plot your books so well!

  16. Lillie A. says:

    Demons and Greek mythology. What a great combination!

  17. Pamk says:

    Marked sounds fantastic. and what a pretty necklace. Don’t enter me in the book contest I already have that one too.

  18. Stolen Fury looks awesome!

  19. Vicki Wurgler says:

    Your new series sounds great, can’t wait to read it and the necklace is very pretty

  20. delitealex says:

    Your new series sounds great. I can’t wait to read it. Stolen Fury seems like a book i’d enjoy.

  21. Teresa W. says:

    I’m always looking for new authors and series to read, sounds good!

  22. Mel K. says:

    Hi Elisabeth,
    I’m looking forward to reading your series.
    I’d love to give that necklace to my neighbor. She was just diagnosed with breast cancer and as an 11 year survivor I’ll be there for her every step of the way. I’ve been buying her books, soaps, etc. Stuff to make her feel OK during Chemo. I’ll bet she’d enjoy your book as well. Thanks!

  23. Elaine R says:

    Gorgeous cover.

  24. Hey all, thanks so much for the comments! You’ve been busy this morning! (I can say morning because it’s still oly 9:00 out here on the west coast!)

    LOL at the comments on my gruesome dark paranormal. Yes, this new Eternal Guardians series is definitely darker than my RS’s, but still my voice. Still some snarky humor. 😉 The truth is I never planned to write paranormal but this idea hit me out of the blue and I started writing. Sent it to my agent, she liked it, and bam, the whole thing just went from there.

    Eva, glad you’ve heard such good things about STOLEN FURY! The second in my Stolen Series – STOLEN HEAT – releases July 28, 2009. I’m very excited for this next release.

    Thanks, Fedora! Yes, I’m going to continue to write Romantic Suspense books in addition to my paranormals. There are three books in the stolen series – STOLEN FURY (avail. now) STOLEN HEAT (7.28.09) and STOLEN SEDUCTION (Jan. 2010) – and I just sent my agent a new RS proposal. I love writing in both genres.

    Mel, oh good thoughts and prayers headed toward your neighbor. What a great friend you are!

  25. Elaine R says:

    That cover is absolutely gorgeous.

  26. Great post, Elisabeth! Marked sounds wonderful! I love mythology and can’t wait until May next year when I can buy it!

  27. Jody F. says:

    The necklace is lovely and the inscription is inspiring. Thanks so much for sharing your new book with us!

  28. Karin says:

    I can hardly wait for Marked – always like it when a bad guy gets his (either by being turned by as good woman or being done in – either way works for me!)

  29. ann marie says:

    Hi Elisabeth,
    I like your take on daemons and we have to wait a whole year. Thanks for the sneek peek, how many books will there be in the new series?

  30. Christy says:

    I can’t wait for your new series! I love the paranormal. And your editor is right – Demons are IN!

  31. Larena Wirum says:

    Your new series sounds like it is going to be fantastic to read. Looking forward to the first book coming out. I find it interesting also that each author has a different take on demons. I think it makes all the books interesting to read as no two are alike. Love the possiblities. 🙂

  32. Shari C says:

    Welcome, Elisabeth. Your new paranormal series, ‘Eternal Guardians’, sounds terrific. I will definitely be looking forward to reading your first book when it comes out as I love the paranormal.

  33. Thanks for telling us about your new series, but I can’t believe we will have to wait almost an entire year to get our hands on it.

    Your demons do sound truly bad (but can’t help but thing that maybe some heroine will find a way to save one). I guess I’m just a true romantic at heart, and I don’t know anyone who would be sad to receive Stolen Fury!

  34. I can’t wait for your new series. I am always looking for new books/authors and I love anything that has to do with Greek Mythology. I think that’s why I love Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark hunter series so much.

    Thanks for sharing.

  35. Tara W says:

    The new series sounds amazing. I’m a huge paranormal lover.

  36. azteclady says:

    Hello, Ms Naughton!

    I was going to say, “forget the jewelry, gimme the BOOK!”

    … then you have to give the inscription and now I want both!

    😀 Yeah, I’m both fickle and greedy, why do you ask?

  37. I have read several bad demon books it has been until recently that the books have super uber-sexy ones. How did you come up with this world? Did you pull it from any specific type of myth? One thing is when you have evil demons you need to have a super sexy demon hunter.

  38. Ilona says:

    I like the description of your Daemons – very *tries to think of something approriate* demonish :S I agree I wouldn’t want to meet one i nadark alleyway (or anywhere else for that matter).

    I like the inscription on the necklace too. Where does it come from and (if I can’t win the necklace) where can I find a similar one to buy?

  39. Melissa says:

    Oooh, I LOVED this book!! Read about it on other blogs, and HAD to get it, and it ROCKED!! I can’t wait to read the second one.
    And YEAH on Marked!! Can’t wait to read it!!

  40. Michele says:

    MARKED sounds AWESOME!!!! Very, very excited about your new series, just bummed we have to wait till next year 🙁 Loved STOLEN FURY and cannot wait for next month to STOLEN HEART 😀

  41. Roberta Harwell says:

    Hello Elisabeth,

    I love the post about daemons. Paranormals is such a wide open genre to explore. Count me in for the contests. Have a great day.

  42. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    I’m sitting here trying to think of a book I read with bad-boy demons. My head fills a bit filled to come up with one. Hehe. Mm, another book to expect in 2010.

  43. Amy says:

    I can’t wait to read your series. The necklace is absolutely gorgeous!!

  44. Barb P says:

    Hi Elisabeth! I have to say that I have been eyeballing Stolen Fury for a while. I can’t wait for Marked to come out. It sounds even more awesome! I am quivering in anticipation, can’t wait to read it. I also love the necklace. Have a great Thursday

  45. Minna says:

    Ooh, more books I need to add on my TBB list.

  46. Jane says:

    I look forward to your Eternal Guardians series. How many books will be in this series?

  47. Laurel says:

    Okay, so I liked the look of Stolen Fury so much I bought it twice! lol I’m just starting to read it today and can tell already that it’s too long until the next one comes out. I sent my 2nd copy off to my sister so I’ll have someone to discuss it with.

  48. Rebecca Jean says:

    I think your story sounds very interesting, and I am def. going to pick up a copy!

    And that necklace is very pretty 🙂

  49. Angela M says:

    Awesone book, can’t wait to read it!

  50. Cathy M says:

    Your upcoming series sounds great. I haven’t read Stolen Fury yet, but your excerpt has me hooked.