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I loved this book. Loved it. WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS is an absolutely fantastic, sexy anthology. The writers in this anthology–Anya Bast, Jodi Lynn Copeland, Lauren Dane, and Kit Tunstall–each bring a unique, intriguing tale to the mix. The characters are likeable, fully formed. The pages are steamy. The stories are great. (In the interest of full disclosure, these talented ladies are my “Bradford Sisters”–but even if they weren’t, I’d still be talking about the book. It is hot.)

And because I loved this book so much, I’m going to give a copy away to one commenter. Just leave a comment here and I’ll be back on Tuesday to select a winner. Easy huh? Well, here’s what you have to comment about: Have you ever been to Vegas? And if so, are you glad that the secrets of your trip “stayed in Vegas” or did you play it innocent in Sin City?

A big congratulations to the authors of this anthology. And, hey–they’ve got a second Vegas anthology coming out next year (WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS II), and it’s a paranormal anthology! You know I’ll be doing a serious advance order on that one.

Update:  A very good question has come up!  Okay, for this contest, you can post your responses here or on my blog over at MySpace (www.myspace.com/cynthiaeden).  I’ll put all the comments together and choose a winner.

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29 responses to “What Happens in Vegas (And a Contest Alert!!)”

  1. Edie says:

    Wow! on the cover. Very sexy. If the book is as hot as the cover, the pages must be steaming.

  2. Valerie says:

    Nope…never been to Las Vegas, though have had other “what happens in ____, stays in ____” weekends, and would love the opportunity to add to that list.

  3. Jane says:

    I went to Vegas a few years ago for a wedding. We strolled the Strip, stuffed ourselves at the Bellagio buffet and had a few drinks at Tao.

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  5. Dina says:

    I’ve been there several times and have not gotten into trouble, not that I didn’t try, lol, just didn’t try to hard enough. 🙂

  6. Teresa W. says:

    I’ve always wanted to go but I’ve never been there. Looking forward to reading this one!

  7. Cynthia Eden says:

    Edie, I think that is one steamy cover, too!

    Hi, Valerie! I’ve never been to Vegas, either, but like you, I’ve had a few experiences that would fall on that list. 🙂

    Oh, Jane, you’re making me jealous!

    Hey, Dina–no worries! There’s always next time! Besides, playing “good” can be plenty of fun, too!

    Hi, Teresa! I”m in that club too–always wanted to go to Vegas, just never been. And this book really is great!

    Thank you for the comments!

  8. LaDonna says:

    Hey Cindy, never been to Vegas, but did go to the French Quarter. WOW, is all I can say! But, hubby went to Vegas for business once, a long time ago, and he swore he was a good boy. 🙂 I believed him, cause he’s still breathing. hehe

  9. April says:

    This book is definitely on my wish list here, however, I’ve never been to Vegas myself. It’s one of those places on my list to visit one day though.

  10. Jaxon says:

    I’ve been to Vegas, but I don’t think it should count. I was 13 and with my grandparents. I think we stayed on the strip (and the city) for all of 2 hours. I would love to go back now that I’m old enough to actually gamble, but mainly I go back and see some of the shows. I’m really bummed that I didn’t get to see Seigfried & Roy.

  11. Ann M. says:

    I’ve never been to Vegas but do love reading romances set there. this book is on my wishlist to purchase. so many books so little time.

  12. Melissa says:

    I’ve been to Vegas, but it was with work, so have to admit that I didn’t get into too much mischeif while I was there…but I did have a really good time, caught some great shows…but I’d love to go back with some of my friends and live it up!! I saw David Copperfield and must say he is truly, truly as sexy as he looks on TV.
    I can’t wait to read this anthology!!

  13. Tracy says:

    Ihave been to Vegas many, many times and enjoy it immensely. But there was that one time years ago when I was single….let’s just say it will forever stay in Vegas!! lol

  14. Jill D. says:

    I have been to vegas. I went for my honeymoon eight years ago today actually. We stayed at the Golden Nugget downtown for $49.00 a night. I really enjoyed all the fabulous architecture of all the casinos. We didn’t really gamble though, just saw the sites!

  15. LeeAnn says:

    I went to Vegas a few years ago but I played the innocent role and just saw some of the sights *sigh* I really want to go back with some friends and do it right :o)

  16. Cathy M says:

    I haven’t been to Vegas in over 20 years, and have missed out on all the fun attractions that are there now.

  17. Shari C says:

    Have been to Las Vegas several times and I absolutely loved it….something is always going on. I do gamble a little, but I love to go to the fabulous shows and I have to admit I love to watch people. You will see absolutely everything and every type of person in Las Vegas and I can totally understand why they have the saying. “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”. And let’s not forget the variety and wonderful food you can get….another big plus in my book. Will definitely make more trips to this entertaining city.

  18. Cherie Japp says:

    Never been to Vegas but would love to sometime in the future.

  19. CrystalGB says:

    I have never been to Vegas. I think it would be a lot of fun.

  20. Mel K. says:

    OH, I want to win this book so badly!
    I went to Vegas in ’05 and I was not innocent. I’m glad that the secrets of my trip “stayed in Vegas” LOL!
    I saw Mystere by Cirque du Soleil and it was fabulous! If you go to Vegas try to see Cirque. KA and O are playing there. I’d love to go back and see KA. I hear it’s fantastic. VIVA LAS VEGAS!

  21. Cynthia Eden says:

    Thanks for the comments–some are sure making me want to head to Vegas! 🙂

  22. Sue A. says:

    I learned on my one any only trip to Las Vegas that I’m a terrible gambler. I lost all my cash on the slots.

    But I’d go back again! I really enjoyed the water shows at Bellagio both the inside (Cirque du Soleil’s O) and the outside shows (water fountains). They were amazing!

  23. BB says:

    I’ve never been to Vegas!!! But I’d love to go! And I’d love to win a copy of your book!! Hot!!

  24. nancy says:

    I have not been to Vegas in a few years and the last time I was there….NO HOT SEX…expecially since I had to share my room with 4 other women. Maybe this book will inspire me for my next trip out there…but who know…for whatever happens in VEGAS…stays in VEGAS…WOOT!!

  25. Rachel says:

    Great contest! I found it through Lauren’s site. 🙂 Believe it or not I have never been to vegas, but would love to go some day. The closest I ever got was Reno, and it was pretty darn steamy. he he

  26. Dolores says:

    Whoa!!! The cover and excerpts from this book causes a girl who hangs with horses to say “WHOA!!!” Definitely not to be read with the under 18 crowd around… atleast not without a brown paper cover over it (I can make that!!!)! I read about this from my friend’s blog (http://theromanticlife.blogspot.com/) and she has been giving me GREAT recommendations to read when I am not wrangling the kids. Please, please, please grant this un-Vegased, overworked, horse-hockey-soccer-scout-MOM a Cinco de Maio wish for a mini steamy siesta in sin city reading wonderland! Muchas gracias!

  27. Dee says:

    The cover is amazing. Definitely one of the best covers this year!

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