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So, last Sunday, my nephew was christened. I spent a fun time at the church holding my sweet, screaming little snookums and making nice chatter with friends and family. And, then, of course, came a reference to my writing–sometimes I really dread writing references.

A lovely lady says to me, “Are you still writing?”

I juggle Jack and reply, “Oh, yeah. I have to stay up pretty late some nights–like freaking 4 a.m.–but I’m definitely writing.” By the way, the freaking 4 a.m. part was just in my head–although I think it would have been really cool if I’d said it then. Sigh.

She smiles and gushes, “Well, I know this guy, he just wrote that tailgating book. You know, the one about Alabama. And now he’s on the bestseller’s list.” A pause, then a meaningful look as she tells me, “You should do something like that.”

Um…No, thank you. Really not into the whole tailgating scene. And, besides, I write romance. R.O.M.A.N.C.E. Not some football after party stuff. But, of course, I’m trapped by the politeness that my southern mom drilled into me, and I find myself nodding to the chick and muttering, “That’s an idea.”

Yep, it’s a an idea. One that isn’t for me.

So, for you other writers out there…do you ever get comments like this? Comments that just make you think…what in the hell?

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