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Have you ever seen a ghost? Can you give lessons on dream interpretation? Or have you ever gazed up into the night sky and seen a UFO? Well, if so, then Fate Magazine wants to hear from you.

Fate Magazine is a non-fiction (absolutely no fiction stories allowed!–per their website) magazine that anaylzes the supernatural. And they’re looking for writers. So, if you’ve got some experiences you want to share, check them out. Their features run between 1,500 and 3,000 words, and Fate pays 10 cents per word. For more info, check out their writing guidelines.

Now, I’ve never personally had a brush with the other side (despite the many times I played with a Ouija board as a kid), so I always like to hear other people’s stories. Anyone want to share? Hmmm???

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3 responses to “The Strange and Unknown”

  1. Nicholas Roussos says:

    I once saw a mysterious light coming down a supposedly haunted road. It may have been the head lights of a car, but I don’t think so because it disappeared. Plus, seeing headlights isn’t nearly as cool as seeing a mysterious light.

  2. LadyVampire2u says:

    As a little kid, I once had my first sleep over. My friend Clare told me to go play in her room and wait for her while she talked to her mother. I went in and saw a man looking out the window. I recognized him as Clare’s father somehow. I asked if I could stay the night and he was happy about it and talked to me for a moment before leaving the room. When Clare came back I told her what a nice father she had but to my surprise she ran away crying. Clare’s mother then came to me and told me to get out of the house for lying and scaring her child. Apparently Clare’s father died 2 years earlier.

  3. Cynthia Eden says:

    Ladyvampire, that’s just spooky. And you know…it would make a great story for a book.

    Nicholas–that’s because you used to live on Kali-Oka Road–one of the most haunted roads in Alabama. Yep, I’ll have to blog about that later!