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Today, I thought I’d do something different. I thought I’d tell the world (or whoever happens to read this blog) about the men in life.

No, there aren’t a lot of men. Just two. Nick and Jack.

Nick’s my husband of four years. He’s the dark-haired stud on the right. Nick is the genius behind my web design. Yep, I planned ahead. I married a web designer so I would never have to pay anyone to build my site! 🙂

Here are Nick’s hobbies (for you with inquiring minds out there): Scuba diving, fencing, and blogging.
His favorite writers are: Cynthia Eden (of course!) and Tolkien

Here are little Jack’s hobbies: cooing, pooing, and sleeping (although he does enjoy a good walk and a good read, too!)

Nick’s my muse. He’s supportive, good-looking, and he always has positive things to say about my story ideas. Heck, Nick is currently the only person who gets to see my WIPs. He checks to make sure my scenes are hot enough. Oh, yeah, it’s a tough job, but someone has to do it.

So…that’s them. My two men.

And in case you’re wondering…Nick and Jack are posing with Secrets, Volume 15 that features my story, Bite of the Wolf. As soon as the book hit the shelves, I had to take a picture because I was soooo excited to see my work in Books-a-Million.

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4 responses to “The Men in My Life”

  1. Michelle Diener says:

    Cynthia, your site is outstanding, so hat’s off to you for finding such a good web designer to marry 🙂 Seriously, when I saw it I was very impressed.

  2. Cynthia Eden says:

    Oh, Michelle…thanks so much! 🙂 I’ll definitely pass along your compliment to Nick.

  3. Michelle Diener says:

    🙂 Just thought I’d let you know I added your site and your blog to our website.

  4. Cynthia Eden says:

    Oh, thanks so much, Michelle!