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Okay…recently on one of my groups, a big discussion ensued regarding “Vampire Rules.” Personally, I like to think that there are only a few hard and fast rules about vampires:

1. They drink blood. I mean, come on, vampires have to drink blood–that’s what their fangs are for! It’s not like they can go around slurping slushies.
2. They don’t age. Once a vampire turns, he stays at the age he was at his “death.” So, if he was twenty when he turned, he’ll be forever twenty. And if he was ninety, well, you get the idea…
3. They are super strong. Thus, they are able to seriously do damage to any enemies they have.

Now, there are lots of other rules about vampires that people often quote. Frankly, I feel if you cover the above three, you’re fine. But here are some of the other rules that people often mention:

1. A stake through the heart will kill a vampire. Hey, it worked for Buffy, and it generally works for me. Sometimes, though, I think a good decapitation is a necessary follow-up to this.
2. They have psychic powers. Specifically, vamps usually have mind-control. Oh, yeah, they can make you do their bidding.
3. They can’t go out in daylight. Okay…I actually don’t always follow this rule when I write about vamps. That’s why it’s on my “sometimes follow” list. Stoker let his vamps go out in the daytime, they were just weaker then. They didn’t instantly burst into flames. The bursting into flames thing, that’s another “sometimes” rule for me.
4. They sleep in coffins. Um…maybe back in the day, but I don’t think so–not anymore.

Have you heard any other vamp rules? “Sometimes” or “Always” facts that you want to list?

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4 responses to “Rules of the Undead”

  1. Nicholas Roussos says:

    Let’s see… There’s the rules from the Lost Boys:

    Are afraid of garlic/Holy Water/water guns filled with Holy Water

    No reflection in a mirror

    And you don’t fully turn until you feed.

    Wait, I think the first two didn’t work in the movie. Oh man, I’m just confused now.

    Isn’t there something about having to invite the vampire in?

  2. Whirler says:

    Hmm… something about putting seeds on the ground in their path, and they can’t pass until they have stopped and counted them all.

    But I guess that’s not a very practical rule – if you put a large pile of seeds, you could force the vampire to spend months or years just counting.

  3. LadyVampire2u says:

    Here are a few rules I have seen in movies or read about in books:

    Some vampires, mainly older ones, cannot walk on holy ground.

    Crosses burn a vampire. Sometimes blind them on sight also.

    A vampire must bring soil from his/her homeland with them when they travel so that when he/she lays upon it while resting, they heal.

    Also some myth about vampires having trouble crossing over water.

    That’s all I can recall for now.

  4. Psychic Books…

    Can it be that your server is infected with a virus – I get an Virus warning when I open your site with Firefox – Just for your Info….