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According to the March issue of the Romantic Times, Harlequin will be starting a new paranormal line. Leslie Wainger is looking for “75,000-word dark, contemporary, paranormal romances.” There’s no word yet on when these books will be hitting the shelves, and I can’t find any additional information on eharlequin.

This won’t be the first time that Harlequin has launched a paranormal line. A few years ago, they had the Silhouette Shadows books. I LOVED Silhouette Shadows. I actually still have pretty much all of the Shadows books in my book closet. Yeah, I have a book closet. So what?

Silhouette Shadows books covered everything from vampires to zombies to psychics. Maggie Shayne is the biggest name that I remember from Shadows. She launched to stardom with her vampire books (Twilight Phantasies, Twilight Memories, and Twilight Illusions). And just so you know, Twilight Memories was definitely my fav.

I was completely depressed when the line folded. I can only hope that this new line will live up to my expectations.

So, if you’ve got a good manuscript, send it to Leslie! Right away!

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2 responses to “New Paranormal Line”

  1. LadyVampire2u says:

    Its awesome that they decided to come out with another paranormal line of books. I will definitely have to look for it. I also have been collecting as many of the Silhouette Shadows books as I can but they so rare to find. I haven’t read the ones I have yet but I have some Maggie Shayne and will have to see if Twilight Memories is amung them. Hopefully it is. Do you have any plans to write for this new series? Just curious. ~April

  2. Cynthia Eden says:

    Maggie’s stories were rereleased in Twilight Begins (thought I’d mention that just in case the stories aren’t in your Shadows pile!).
    I don’t currently have plans to write for the series–but notice that I said currently. 🙂 I have two other projects that I have to finish first, and, then, well, I guess anything could happen. I’d still like to find out a few more details about the line…hopefully Harelquin will issue more details soon.