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Update:  The winners of ENTANGLED (Kindle versions) are…Khelsey, Betty Lewis, and Ashley A.  Congrats!

I’m so glad that awesome author Nancy Haddock is able to join us now!  (Nancy is in the ENTANGLED charity anthology with me, and she contributed one fabulous tale.) Nancy, thank you for coming to the party!


Me and My Big Fat Spanish Character

Helllloooo, Cynthia and Cynthia Eden fans!

It’s Monday morning, and Entangled is officially on sale in e-formats everywhere. Okay, maybe not everywhere, but at B&N for Nook, at Amazon for Kindle, and at Smashwords for those with Sonys, iPads, etc.

I’m thrilled to be in the stellar company of Cynthia, Allison Brennan, Jennifer Estep, and all the other amazing authors who contributed to Entangled. My own short story for the anthology is entitled “Medium Rare,” and it features the city of St. Augustine, Florida. It also showcases a slice of St. Augustine history, and a sampling of its ghost legends.

I fell in love with St. Augustine years before I was finally fortunate enough to move here. In fact, I credit the move to re-energizing my writing, so it’s no surprise that the city has become a strong secondary character in my work.

Ponce de Leon landed just north of the current Historic Old Town area in 1513 in the location that is now the Fountain of Youth complex. Why he didn’t stick around to drink a boat load of spring water, I don’t know, but then I don’t cheerfully chug sulfur water every day either. The actual founding of the Ancient City took place when Pedro Menendez de Aviles dropped anchor off the coast on August 28, 1565, the Feast Day of St. Augustine. In early September, Menendez and 600 soldiers and settlers came ashore with banners waving and trumpets sounding. I doubt the Timucuan Indians applauded the Spanish tromping through their village of Seloy, but thus is the pageantry that marked the birth of the city.

In 2015 St. Augustine will celebrate its 450th birthday. That’s not a long life by European standards, but it’s good and long enough that a sense of history permeates the entire downtown and uptown areas. And long enough to generate a heck of a lot of ghosts, too!

I sincerely hope you’ll enjoy reading Entangled, and I hope you’ll remember these tidbits about St. Augustine when you read “Medium Rare.”


Nancy Haddock


Thanks, Nancy!  Loved the post.

Now, to celebrate both the anthology release & Nancy’s visit, three commenters will be selected to receive Kindle versions of ENTANGLED.  (I’ll be buying the copies so the Breast Cancer Research Foundation will still get the donation–and you can have some reading fun!)

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61 responses to “Nancy Haddock & Entangled Giveaway”

  1. Carlyn McKechnie says:

    Love that she is so passionate about the place she lives! I would love to win. This book has so many great authors contributing to it! I can’t wait to read it 🙂

  2. Thanks for hosting a great release party, Cynthia! I love your books, and wish you EVERY continued success!

    Nancy Haddock

  3. Hilleary Peterson says:

    Looks like many great reads all together, and great that it supports a good cause. Enjoy release day.

  4. Hi Carlyn! Grins about being passionate about St. Augustine. That I am! Best of luck in the drawing, and thank you so much for commenting!


  5. Thanks for stopping by to comment, Hilleary! We appreciate your support!


  6. Khelsey says:

    Happy release day! This book has soo many great authors, I would love to win it. If I don’t then I’ll be buying it tomorrow 😉

  7. JoAnna B says:

    This is such a great cause. Thanks to all the authors that have contributed their time to raise for breast cancer.
    Beckerjo at verizon dot net

    • Hey, JoAnna, good to see you! Thanks for your comment, and best of luck in the drawing! Cynthia is incredibly generous – but then the anthology is dear to all of us!


  8. I love discovering new authors (to me, anyways) and I’m looking forward to reading Nancy Haddock’s story. And what a great cause. My MIL recently died of cancer. It started in her breasts and metastisized to her brain. Thanks for all your help with this, Cynthia. You have a kind heart.

    • Trish, my deepest sympathy on your MIL’s death. My grandmother died of colon cancer that began with breast cancer. I still miss her.

      I hope you’ll enjoy “Medium Rare” and all the fabulous stories in ENTANGLED. We appreciate your support of the cause … and the CURE!


  9. Stacey says:

    Cynthia–you don’t write fast enough for me. Also excited about discovering new GOOD writers to add to my list of MUST READS.
    I know there are many who don’t like anthologies, but I LOVE them…sometimes you only have time for a quickie!

    Thanks again.

  10. Kathy Webb says:

    I am like all the other fans. If I do not win this book today then I will be downloading it.. Who could pass up the price?? Looks great too.. Great interview and I am excited for everyone involved!

    • Kathy, thank you for sharing your excitement with us, and thanks BUNCHES for your support! I’m glad you enjoyed the post, and wish you good luck in the drawing!


  11. Michele says:

    Hi Nancy, Happy Release Day 🙂

    Can you tell us a little more about your story “Medium Rare”? I’m very excited about ENTANGLED 🙂

  12. Yadira A. says:

    Would love to visit St. Augustine someday and thanks for that bit of history… very interesting.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    • Yadira, I’ll tell you what I’ve told other writers and readers. If you’re coming this way, let me know when and I’ll see if we can meet for coffee or something. I love dragging visitors – er, showing visitors – all over town.

      Or just hanging out on the beach!

      Thanks for sharing the party, and good luck in the drawing!


  13. Hi Michele! Thanks for your Release Day good wishes!

    The heroine of “Medium Rare” is Colleen, a psychologist who sees and hears ghosts and becomes a therapist to the haunted. She butts heads with a paranormal investigator who now needs her help with a client. That’s when they discover that the spirits of St. Augustine are in danger of disappearing altogether without a major intervention.

    Good luck in the drawing, and thank you again for stopping by today and for asking about “Medium Rare!”


  14. Hi, Nancy. “Medium Rare” –great title!– sounds like it will be as much fun as your Cesca stories! I’m looking forward to it.

    • Tracy, darlin’! Hope you’re well and not cooked beyond saving in MO!

      Thanks so much for your compliments, and for sharing this very special release with us today! Good luck in the drawing, and I’ll hope to see you soon. In Anaheim if not before!


  15. Diane Sadler says:

    450 years is something to celebrate! Congratulations!

    • Thanks for the congrats, Diane! St. Augustine is planning a huge, year-long party to mark the achievement. Should be a blast!

      I appreciate your comment and support of the cause, and wish you good luck in the drawing!


  16. Marianne says:

    Happy Release Day! I too love anthologies as they introduce me to authors I may not have known about previously.

    • Thanks for your Release Day congrats, Marianne! I feel the same as you do about anthologies. It’s such fun to “discover” authors who are new to me.

      We appreciate your support! Good luck in the drawing and have a good week.


  17. Edie Ramer says:

    Nancy you know I loved Medium Rare. I’m sure a lot of other readers will enjoy it, too!

  18. Sherie says:

    Thanks for sharing, Nancy. Cannot wait to add your new book to my kindle! I love the history of Florida and Ponce de Leon.

    • Sherie, hi and thank you for stopping in to party with us! We appreciate your support, and I hope you’ll have fun with my little slice of Florida!


  19. Betty Lewis says:

    St. Augustine is a beautiful city. We try to go there when we come to Green Cove Springs every year to visit family.

    • Oooooh, Betty! Next time you’ll be here, let me know. If it fits into your schedule, I’d love to meet you for coffee or whatever tickles your fancy!

      Thanks so much for visiting Cynthia’s blog today! Have a great week!


  20. Cynthia Eden says:

    I’ve never visited St. Augustine, but now I’m so eager to go!! And I am so big into ghost hunting–Nancy’s tale totally has my attention.

    • We’ll party again when you visit, Cynthia! Thank you again for hosting this marvelous Release Day bash! I’ve had a ball, and I’ll check in later!


  21. Viki says:

    I bought it on Saturday so I’m just here offering support. Happy Release Day!

  22. Michelle Bledsoe says:

    I so enjoy anthologies, that’s how I have found many new authors. Cynthia I wanted to tell you that I laughed when I saw where your story is placed….Crossroads,Ms. I live not to far from a Crossroads,Ms. It’s a little community close to the college my daughter goes to.

  23. Amy R says:

    Hi 🙂

    I haven’t read any of your work yet Nancy, but after this post I’m off to check out your website. Read the comments and the one about MEDIUM RARE. Very interesting storyline, you have me intrigued. Have an awesome day!

  24. Angela M says:

    Hi Nancy,

    Congrats on your newest release, “Medium Rare”. What kind of genres to write about?

  25. Amy W says:

    Congrats on the release of ENTANGLED!! What an awesome cause for the money to go to!!!

    Love when authors come together, gives us the read an opportunity to read so many styles of writing. Nancy, this will be the first time I have read something by you. What kind os stories do you like to write about and is there a storyline that you just want to write about but haven’t yet?

  26. Na says:

    Happy Release Day for Entangled! Even better its release is a wonderful way to support breast cancer research while also providing happy reading time for many. It’s a win-win!

  27. Michelle McMichael says:

    Congrats on the new release, it’s such an amazing cause you have all donated your time and talent for. I’ll happily buy a copy to support you & the charity. 🙂

  28. Colleen says:

    Congrats on the release! Many thanks for all of the contests and posts to enjoy!

  29. I love the city of St. Augustine. I love the old world feel to it. It’s age may not be long by European standards, but it certainly is by US.

  30. Lisa B says:

    My mom is a breast cancer survivor of almost 10 years now. Thanks for supporting the cause!

    Lisa B

  31. WendyD says:

    St. Augustine is a wonderful city with lots of history! Now the fountain of youth tasted AWFUL, though…LOL

  32. i think ill be there! love st augustine!

  33. Thanks for your contribution to a great cause. Looking forward to reading Medium Rare. I purchased Entangled already so please exclude me from it.

  34. Marjana says:

    I usually don’t like Anthology but this one sounds good.

  35. Jane says:

    I didn’t know much about St. Augustine until my friend got engaged to his girlfriend on the beach there.

  36. JeanP says:

    Such a great cause, thanks for supporting it.

  37. Ashley A says:

    Awesome book, awesome story, awesome cause, awesome party!! I think I’ve said as many “awsomes” as is allowed in one post lol!!
    Ashley A

  38. Barbara Elness says:

    Entangled sounds wonderful, and what a great cause.

  39. infinitieh says:

    I like places that are like secondary characters in books. I want to see those sights when I visit the place.

  40. emmad says:

    Both my grandmother and great grandmother died of breast cancer so do support this cause already. Really looking forward to reading the book and great insite’s offered here to the history 🙂


  41. Valerie Long says:

    I love the fact that so many of the authors joining the celebrations are donating to breast cancer research. Such a great cause! =)

  42. Maria (pronounced Mariah) says:

    What a wonderful idea for such a wonderful cause! Wish more people would do things like this!

    I am really looking forward to reading this book!

    mmafsmith at gmail dot com

  43. LadyVampire says:

    I love that this book that sounds so great is for a charity. So many great authors in this anthology.

  44. Christie I. says:

    I have to say how awesome every author who contributed to this book is. Proceeds are going to an amazing cause!

    Nancy, thank you for sharing a little of St. Augustine’s history with us! I look forward to reading your story very soon!

  45. shadow says:

    How awesome! I look forward to reading this! Its wonderful how you donate to such a great cause!

  46. Pamk says:

    great giveaway. I just love anthologies cause I sometimes find new to me authors that i just love.