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Yep, I do. I can admit it–I’m afraid of the walking dead. Or, by their  more popular name, zombies.  I don’t like the zombie movies because the idea of someone eating my brains just creeps me out.

I don’t suffer from Sanguivoriphobia.  Oh, no, not me.  I don’t have a “fear of blood eaters.” I tend to like the vampires.  🙂

And in case you were wondering, I’ve found a cool page that lists all of these unusual fears–so I had to blog about it!  Unfortunately, I can’t get the main page to load up for some reason today, so I have to link to the cached page.

Here are some more fun fears (fears that paranormal romance readers probably don’t have):

Spectrophobia–fear of ghosts

Wiccaphobia: Fear of witches

Teratophobia: Fear of monsters  (Now this is one that the site said lots of people suffered from. Remember when you were a kid and you were afraid of the monster under the bed? Uh, huh.  Teratophobia.  When Jack starts telling me there is a monster in his closet, I’ll say, “Oh, son, of course there isn’t.  You’re just letting your Teratophobia get to you.” He’ll totally understand.)

Phagophobia: Fear of eating, or being eaten  (Okay, I fear being eaten.)

Spakafobia: Fear of aliens  (ET! Ack!)

Capgras Syndrome: Fear of an individual being replaced by an imposter  (The old body switch)

Oh, and this is a good one…

Automatonophobia: Fear of wax statues, ventriloquist dummies (Those dummies have always struck me as being a bit creepy.)

Santaphobia: Fear of Santa Clause (Now you know why children scream so when they are put on the red guy’s lap in December)

Bogyphobia: Fear of the boogieman  (Been there.)

Do you have any of these fears?  Or other unusual ones you’d like to share?

And, hey, today is my last day of hanging out over at Candy Ready’s place.  Be sure to comment for your chance to win an autographed books (I’ll be giving two away.)

Have a great weekend!

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7 responses to “I suffer from Ambulothanatophobia.”

  1. azteclady says:

    I am a Luddite–not quite a technophobe but still, I’m uncomfortable with a lot of technology because a)I struggle with change, and b)I don’t like what I don’t understand, and I just don’t get ninety percent of what my computer could do… if I dared. I think it’s that I know just enough to be dangerous 😉

    Have a great weekend!

  2. Brandy says:

    Is there a fear of a new cell-phone? *G* Mine is acting up and hubs wants to get me a new one. But, I’m not good with gadgets!
    I hope you have a wonderful weekend with lots of fans buying your books! *G*

  3. Willa says:

    Squeeeeeeeeeeeee ! 😀

  4. Ashley says:

    Ventriloquist dummies terrify me! Actually, I’m afraid of all small, dangerous people/monsters (i.e. Leprechaun, Chucky, Damien, Children of the Corn). Yikes! I love vamps, werewolves, witches, and ghosts though…go figure!

  5. Edie says:

    I have a fear of technology. I hate reading directions. Is there a fear of bees and wasps? I’ve got that, too.

  6. Cynthia Eden says:

    Hi, azteclady! When it comes to technology, there is so much I want to know–but, jeez, I feel like I’m behind on the learning curve! So I do understand where you’re coming from!

    Brandy, I want a new one, too! Mine is so old-school. When I get a new one, I know I’ll be lost. 🙂

    LOL, Willa!

    Ashley, that Leprechaun movie was just creepy!

    Oh, Edie, count me in for the fear of bees!

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Laura says:

    I am terrified of zombies D: