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I saw Failure to Launch last Saturday night, and, I must say, I thought the movie was absolutely hilarious.

Yes, Matthew McConaughey was sexy–after all, he is the sexiest man alive–and, as always, I loved listening to his drawl. But, despite Matthew’s appeal, I really felt his character’s friends were the ones who stole the show.

I don’t want to give away any important movie details, but I will say that every time Matthew got together with his buddies, I knew something funny would soon be happening. The three guys made a great group: one was the suave charmer (Matthew), one was a nature boy, and the third was a nerdish computer guy.

Sarah Jessica Parker did a good job, too. But, I found myself liking the charcter of her friend more than I actually liked her. The secondary characters really ruled this flick.

Failure to Launch followed the perfect romance formula–it began with action, it introduced the hero and heroine quickly, the secondary characters were loveable, there was a black moment–movie-goers got to wonder if the lovers would be separated, and, finally, everyone got to live happily ever after. Yep, in my book, a perfect romance. And a very fun movie.

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2 responses to “Failure to Launch”

  1. Ashley says:

    I agree, the movie was hilarious. Lately, I’ve been pretty disappointed with the comedies I’ve seen. However, I have no complaints when it comes to Failure to Launch. Well, maybe one (make that 3)…being subjected to Terry Bradshaw’s bare butt – gross!

  2. Cynthia Eden says:

    Oh, come on, for his age, I thought he looked pretty good. 🙂