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Valentine’s Day is on Tuesday, and I know the perfect gift for well…myself. I want the Blood of the Vine. What might that be? Well, let me tell you. It’s Vampire Wine.

I discovered Vampire Wine about two years ago–a local gourmet shop put it out right around Halloween. Normally, I’m not much of a wine drinker, but I am vampire obsessed, so I had to buy the bottle. I was surprised by the drink’s light, crisp taste. Finally, finally I’d found a wine that I could drink! One that didn’t make me want to gag while I wore a polite smile and mumbled how great I thought the putrid liquid tasted.

Vampire…you are my savior.

The wine comes from Transylvania (how cool is that?), and the company actually sells a ton of other vampire-oriented drinks…like Vampire Vodka and the upcoming Dracola (for the kiddies).

So, I’m going to tell my hubby to get me the Blood of the Vine (specifically, the nice Vampire Merlot), but I have a feeling I’m just going to wind up with another box of Whitman’s chocolates. Sigh.

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2 responses to “Blood of the Vine”

  1. Nicholas Roussos says:

    I was pretty skeptical when I tried Vampire because it had a catchy name. I always figure that wine with a catchy name is trying to make up for something else.

    Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised at how good it was, but I haven’t found the Merlot since then. The Chardonnay seems to be easier to find, but I don’t like it as much. Plus, it doesn’t look like blood.

  2. Cynthia Eden says:

    Please…the only reason I tried it was because of the name! I just wish it were easier to find. 🙁