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On July 26th, thousands of romance writers will converge on the lovely city of Atlanta. The next few days will consist of dozens of workshops, fabulous parties, and tons of network schmoozing.

Now, I’ve been to Atlanta too many times to count. I love the city–it’s always teaming with activity and life. When my husband fenced competitively, it seemed we drove up there nearly every weekend for national or regional events.

So, since I’ve got a bit of Atlanta experience, I thought I’d post a do/don’t list for activites in the city. (In case you decide that you want to have convention fun and take in some of the sights.)

First, let’s start with don’t. Don’t go to Six Flags. Sure, amusement parks are fun–but NOT in July in Atlanta. The park will be hellishly hot and the lines will be hellishly long. Skip this stop!

Do take some time to visit the Atlanta Underground. There are some unusual shops here, interesting bands play, and, since it’s both underground and air-conditioned, you’ll get relief from the Atlanta heat. If you’re lucky, you can also get your fortune told and see a few fun magic tricks.

Do visit the new Georgia Aquarium. Personally, I am a shark freak–and I can’t wait to tour the facilities and see my man-eaters. (I’ve never been to this aquarium before, but I’ve heard great things about it!)

Do consider visiting the Fernbank–Atlanta’s dinosaur museum. I mean, come on–it’s dinosaurs!

Finally, don’t head to Atlanta without some good maps. It is very, very easy to get lost on the city streets.

Of course, there are plenty of other activites–you could go see the Braves, you could check out the Martin Luther King exhibit, sample some drinks at the Coca-Cola museum…yes, there are so many choices. I’d recommend checking out this city guide for more info.

Have fun! See you in Atlanta!

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