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It’s book release day! ❤❤❤ NO ESCAPE FROM WAR is available now! Here’s a little tease…

“Were you going for my eyes, Rose? Such a dirty move.”

“You’re the one who taught me that move.” When he’d been adamant that she learn how to defend herself. Only she’d never thought that she’d have to defend herself from him. Another thing she’d been wrong about.

“I taught you lots of dirty things.” His voice had taken on a rougher, more sensual edge.

Even in the dark, her eyes narrowed. He wanted to be cocky? Wanted to go there? “I am pretty sure I taught you a thing or twenty, too, stud.”

A rumble of laughter broke from him. His body pressed closer to her.

Alarm skittered through her. “Get off me.”

“I’m not on you. I’m near you. I’m in front of you. Definitely not on you.”

She wanted to scream, but if she did that, her helpful neighbor would probably rush back over. Then she’d have to deal with that whole bit of business again. “War…”


“Turn on the lights. Let’s talk about this like civilized people.”

“But you know I’ve never been particularly civilized. I think that was one of your issues with me.”

Her breath caught. “Sometimes, I liked it.” Particularly in bed. Out of bed… “It was only when you became too much of an ass that I had issues.”

His hand lifted. She felt it rise, felt the shift in the air, and then heard the click as he flipped on the lights. Her eyes closed and opened quickly, twice, three times, as she adjusted to the flood of illumination.

He was right in front of her. Just as tall, dark, and dangerously handsome as always. His skin was golden from all the time he spent in the sun. His hair was dark and thick, shoving back from his forehead. His face was planes and angles—sexy and strong. Hard jaw. Lickable lips. And eyes so very deep. His eyes could be a warm, sensual brown, or they could flash with ice-cold darkness, all depending on his mood. Right then, his eyes were…

She swallowed. “What are you going to do to me?”

“Take that sweet ass to jail.” He tucked her keys in his back pocket. Then his hands rose and pressed to the door behind her, caging her between his body and the wood. “You’re in trouble, sweetheart.”

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