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This week, I thought I’d do a few publisher spotlights. And the first publisher I’ve decided to write about is, well, my very first publisher, ImaJinn Books.

The thing I like most about ImaJinn is that they only publish paranormal stories. Yes, ImaJinn is truly dedicated to romances about witches, vampires, psychics, werewolves…anything that goes bump in the night.

ImaJinn accepts e-queries…and the turn around time on submissions tends to be very fast. (Which is good, because I hate waiting in suspense!) The email address for queries is: Of course, if you don’t like emailing your queries, you can always go the snail mail route:

Editorial Staff
ImaJinn Books
PO Box 545
Canon City, CO 81215-0545

ImaJinn publishes books in both print and e-book form.

The desired manuscript length for ImaJinn is 70,000-90,000 words. For complete guidelines, check out ImaJinn’s Romance Tip Sheet.

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