One week to go!!! Just one week until the 1/17 release of HOW TO PROTECT A PRINCESS.

A muscle jerked along his jaw once more. “Then we’re clear. You’re agreeing to have me continue as bodyguard?”

“I want you.”

At her stark confession, the gray in his eyes grew stormy. “You have me.”

As her bodyguard. “I want you…” she rushed to add, “because I trust you. You’ve helped me. You’ve been someone I can count on. Someone who is honest with me.”

Constantine winced. “Slow down with that, would you? Let’s not give me too much credit. I can assure you, I am a cold-blooded bastard most days.”

She was the one to close the distance between them. She was the one who reached out and touched him this time. “And some days, you can be a knight in shining armor.”

“Hardly my style.” He looked down at her hand as it curled around his arm. “I think you should probably see me more as the royal executioner.”

“I don’t think Lancaden has one of those.”

His head lifted. His eyes met hers. “You have one now. I’ll eliminate any problem in your path. I will do whatever it takes to keep you safe. You have my absolute vow on that.”

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