Pssst…I have a paranormal surprise for you on this lovely Halloween!! I’ve got a re-release that is popping up in retailers right now!

It’s been over ten years since I first released NEVER CRY WOLF with Kensington Publishing. I have the rights back to this book, so I edited it, gave it a shiny new cover–and title (the book is now known as NEVER CRY WEREWOLF).

Side note: If you read my paranormal romance, IMMORTAL DANGER, then you met wolf alpha Lucas Simone. NEVER CRY WEREWOLF is his story.

Here’s the blurb for you:

USA Today and New York Times best-selling author Cynthia Eden has a classic paranormal romance for readers in the mood to walk on the wild side.

The big, bad wolf has BITE.

No one messes with Lucas Simone. He’s the alpha of the LA wolf pack. Bigger, badder, and one hell of a lot more dangerous than the other wolf shifters, Lucas is the monster in the dark. But when Lucas finds himself framed for murder, an unlikely savior appears at his jail cell.

She’ll give him an alibi. He’ll give her pack protection.

Sarah King is a desperate woman, and a desperate woman will do super desperate things—like pretend to be involved with super-hot and mega-scary Lucas. Sarah is struggling to hide her supernatural abilities from Lucas, but as her feelings grow for the sexy shifter, the harder it is for Sarah to keep her powers under wraps…and to keep her hands off Lucas.

Maybe she can charm him into falling for her…

Little secret…Sarah has been a fan of Lucas’s for years, and when she discovers that an attack against him is imminent, she decides to help her hero. Another wolf alpha wants to take control of everything that Lucas possesses, and he is intent on burning down Lucas’s world.

But Lucas has never been afraid of a little fire.

The attraction he feels for her is primal. Consuming. The wolf within him knows that he has found his mate, and Lucas will do anything to keep her at his side. Doesn’t matter who he must fight, Lucas is ready for the battle. Sarah made a bargain with him, and now, she’ll belong to Lucas…forever.

Author’s Note: You can’t keep a wolf shifter from his mate, so don’t even try. Prepare for a fierce alpha wolf and a heroine with a past cloaked in secrecy. They will fall fast and hard for each other, and when danger comes…things will just get hotter.

NEVER CRY WEREWOLF was originally released as NEVER CRY WOLF back in June of 2011. The book has been updated and given a new cover. It’s a classic read for fans of paranormal romance.


I’ve included both the old cover and the new one below–I always find it helpful to see previous covers so I can remember which books I’ve read, and I thought some of you might feel the same way!! 😉

Happy Halloween! I have you have an amazingly spooky and fun night!!!!!

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