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A few years ago, I started an idea file. What’s an idea file? Well, any time that I have even the faintest glimmer of a plot idea, I whip out my laptop and type in the story–before I can forget it.

I currently have about 13 pages of ideas. And, I can say, quite honestly, that some of those ideas suck. Ideas that come to me in the middle of the night aren’t always brilliant, but sometimes…sometimes, well, they can be pretty darn good. So, even if I just have a few good gems in those pages, at least I do have them, and it’s really nice to know they’re safe and snug in my computer…just waiting for me. (So take that, dreaded writer’s block!)

I love my idea file. I love having stories (um, the good ones) at my fingertips. Yep, an idea file…it sure is a handy thing to have.

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