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Nora Roberts is, without a doubt, one of the best romance writers in the industry. And now, she’s just signed a deal to turn four of her books into movies. Wow.

Sometimes I worry when I hear that romance books are going to be adapted for the screen. A few years ago, Julie Garwood’s For the Roses aired on CBS–and the story was very, very different on TV. That’s what I don’t like–the changes. And in Garwood’s case, I really thought the changes weakened the story. It was a real shame–For the Roses is a great book, but whoever wrote the script for the TV movie just screwed up royally.

But back to Nora. Brazen Virtue is one of the books slated for moviedom. Hopefully, the plot will stay the same. Hopefully. But even if it changes, even if the characters are unrecognizable, it’s still awesome that she’s got this deal. Nora, you are my hero.

Now when will her witch trilogy be on the screen, hmmm?

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