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LOCKED IN ICE is officially available now!

I am so excited to bring you my newest romantic suspense. What will you find waiting for you in the pages of this book?

🖤 Cold case solving (It’s an “Ice Breaker” book—you know there will be crime-solving!)
🖤Unlikely partners (Complete opposites. Lane is beyond grumpy and Ophelia is like no one he has ever encountered before.)
🖤 A past that just doesn’t know how to stay dead and buried like it should. (Don’t you hate it when that happens?)
 🖤 Steamy suspense because the hero and heroine do not believe in holding back. (Let me emphasize the steam…this Ice Breaker book gets hot, fast!)
 🖤 A hero who *may* have developed a bit of a dark side…but, hey, that happens when you’re wrongly accused of being a serial killer and you have to escape jail to prove your innocence… (I mean, can you blame him?)

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