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Immortal Danger, In life, Maya Black was one tough cop. In death…well, once bitten, twice the bitch. Creatures of the night-be afraid.

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In just over a month (the actual release date is 3/31/09) IMMORTAL DANGER will be on the shelves of a bookstore near you–or shipping from a very friendly online retailer. So, to liven things up before my release, I thought it would be the perfect time for an IMMORTAL DANGER Contest.

There are two ways to enter this contest. Way number one: Share the lovely image above. Just click the “Share” button, copy the entire code, and paste it on your blog, website, or MySpace page. Then, tell me in the comments section exactly where you’ve posted. By following these steps, you’ll help me to spread the word about my book–and you’ll receive an entry in my contest.  (Actually, every time you post the image, it will count as one entry, so if you post on your MySpace page and on, say a personal web page–hey, that’s two entries!)

Now, I realize that not everyone has a web page or a blog.  Thus, we get to the second way to enter my contest.  Since the heroine of IMMORTAL DANGER is a vampire, you can enter the contest by snapping a picture of yourself in your best vampy pose. (Note: Nothing x-rated please! My eyes!)  Email the pic to me at with the subject line of “Immortal Danger Contest” and yes, that image counts as an entry in the contest.

Quick note: By emailing me your picture, you give me permission to post said image on my site.  If you’d like me to link back to your blog or web page when I post, I’ll be happy to do that.  Just include the info in your email.

For your vamp pic, feel free to use fake fangs, fake blood (please, fake! Not real!), and your imagination. I wanted to do something fun for this contest, and posting images of vampires–well, that’s fun for me.  🙂

Now that you know how to enter my little contest, you may be wondering…what are the prizes?  Well, here they are:

1st Place:  $100 gift certificate
2nd Place:  $50 gift certificate
3rd Place:  $25 gift certificate
4th-6th Place: Your choice of any autographed Cynthia Eden book. (And you know what?  This choice–it does include the option of receiving an ARC of Niol’s story,  MIDNIGHT’S MASTER.)

The contest officially begins on February 26, 2009, and will end at midnight March 29, 2009.  On March 30th, I’ll announce the winners here on my blog.

Questions? Feel free to post ’em in the comments section and I’ll answer as soon as I can.

Good luck!!

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140 responses to “Immortal Danger Contest!!!”

  1. Elaine says:

    I’ve already pre-ordered this book, but I also posted a link in my LJ.

  2. Willa says:

    Woo – Hoo! Post # 100! 😀

  3. lori says:

    This contest is great. I can’t wait to read the book.

  4. Kimmy L says:

    WOW!!! This is so awesome. I posted it on myspace blog here:

  5. Lori T says:

    Great contest Cynthia!

    I posted about the contest here:

  6. Lori Ann says:

    I posted about your contest on my blog:

  7. Allison says:

    Hi Cynthia, posted the image on the left sidebar/main page of my website. As a lucky winner of your past contests maybe I shouldn’t push my luck:) but it is my pleasure to hopefully help spread the word.

  8. Wanda Mayhue says:

    Hi Cynthia,

    I love your books and am looking forward to the new one coming out. Love your contest. Love the new cover too. It’s HOT.

  9. Donna L. says:

    What a great contest. Please enter me and thank you. Happy Spring!

  10. R Hicks says:

    Posted the button

  11. kristina says:

    Totally put it on my myspace,

  12. limecello says:

    So excited about your new book, Cynthia! And thanks so much for having the contest 🙂
    I’ve posted the image here:

  13. Pam P says:

    Found a way to put the image with link back here at Facebook:

  14. Hannah B. says:

    I pasted it on my Facebook page:

    Thank you for the chance to win!

  15. Becky says:

    I came out of hiding this weekend just to post you on my blog LOL!

  16. Geoff K says:

    Shared the image in my “Books” section on my Myspace page:

    Thanks for the contest!

  17. Geoff K says:

    Shared the image/contest on my blog:


  18. Betty C says:

    Added image to my sidebar.

  19. bunny says:

    First time here and I’m throwing my hat in the ring too. I posted the link here:

    Got my fingers and toes crossed for this one baby!!

  20. Auriette says:

    I posted on my blog:

    Great way to get the word out about your book!

  21. Michelle S says:

    I had to sign up for your newsletter. I find your books wonderful and this is a great way to spread the word. I posted on my blog for you too. Here it is.

  22. Christina G. says:

    I have your image:

  23. Bob18 says:

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