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Alice paused. Glanced over her shoulder at him. “Trust me when I say that you can’t handle me.”

“You’d be surprised at what I can handle.”

She motioned toward the crowd behind him. “Go try that smile out there. I’m sure your luck will be outstanding. Lots of women go for that dark-and-dangerous vibe.”

“But not you.” Another taste of his drink. His eyes remained on her.

She turned to fully face him. “I’m not interested in wannabe danger.”

Oh, this was intriguing. No, she was. “You only go for the real deal?”

Once more, she leaned over the bar. Her scent teased him. But she didn’t speak. Instead, she searched his gaze. He wondered just what it was that Alice was looking for as she stared at him so hard with those topaz eyes of hers.

“You want real danger?” he rasped as the tension seemed to stretch between them. “How do you know I can’t give you that?”

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