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Okay…every city seems to have one. And every person knows about it. What is “it” exactly? It’s a haunted road, a spot of terror, a place that folks swear is tainted by the supernatural.

Here in my area, our stretch of ghostly land is Kali-Oka Road. My husband used to live on Kali-Oka back when we were dating, and, honestly, there were more than a few nights when I drove home, heart pounding, fists clenched around the steering wheel.

First of all, let me tell you what Kali-Oka Road is like. It’s a long, winding stretch of road surrounded by a thick forest and a scattering of houses. Lighting on the road sucks, and dirt “roads” veer off of it every now and then. And near the end of Kali-Oka, there’s an old, rickety bridge…Cry Baby Bridge (but hold on, and I’ll tell you about that in a minute).

There are tons of stories about Kali Oka Road. Stories about mysterious lights that appear in the woods. (My mom swears she saw a floating light once.) Stories about ghostly figures who terrorize drivers (My aunt swears she saw the ghost of a slave once–actually, she says he jumped on the hood of her car. I don’t know if my aunt was drinking that night or what, but after twenty years, she still sticks to her story).

There’s an old plantation house and a cemetary right off Kali-Oka. People say you can hear voices out there, that you can see spirits. Personally, I never saw anything supernatural out there. And, believe me, I looked.

Cry Baby Bridge is the biggest “legend” that circulates about Kali-Oka. According to the tale, if you go to the bridge at midnight, you can hear a baby crying. Now, as far as what happened to the baby…well, I have no idea. There are a few stories to explain the crying. The most popular explanation is that a woman was running across the bridge one night. She slipped, and her baby fell below, disappearing forever beneath the bridge. (Pretty depressing story, huh?)

When I was younger, kids would go out to Kali-Oka and spray paint their names on the bridge to prove they weren’t scared. (I’m not saying I did this, and I’m not saying I didn’t…)

But anyway…the truth is that Kali-Oka is one seriously dangerous road. Dozens of people have died on that winding stretch of land. So maybe that’s why the gossip about it persists. Maybe that’s why folks around here think it’s haunted/cursed.

And as for me…well, like I said, I never saw anything unusual out there. Never saw any floating lights, never heard a baby cry…but you know what? Even though I didn’t see those things, I’m still dang glad that my husband and I live a good distance away from Kali-Oka. And I’m dang glad I don’t have a reason to drive down that dark road anymore. Because, you know…just in case…I don’t want to be anywhere near angry spirits.

Anybody else got a haunted road?

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