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“You shouldn’t believe every story that you hear.”

“I don’t.” She had the gun at her side.

“So what…you think I’m the big, bad beast?” He smiled.

She didn’t. “Yes. I think you’re Archer Radcliffe. A man with more money that God. A man who was linked to the disappearance of his fiancée two years ago. All the evidence points to you as being guilty as hell when it comes to her, but here you are, standing in my house, uninvited, and making me feel not the least bit reassured by you.”

He looked over his shoulder. The door was still open. “Does it make you feel safer to have it open?”

“Why are you here?”

He turned his focus back to her. “You’re an actress.”

“Excuse me?”

“Everything you said and did in the ballroom—then later at the auction—it was all designed to capture my attention. You could not have played the scenes more perfectly. I do applaud your talent.” He was also sure that when Oz was done digging, his lawyer would turn up intel to show that Delilah Darrow was quite the skilled actress.

“You think that tonight was all some elaborate show?”

It would be nice to shut the door. To sit on her overstuffed couch. To relax. Actually…fuck it. He strolled toward the couch. Unknotted his tie. Tossed aside his coat. Made himself comfortable.

“What in the hell are you doing?” Delilah didn’t move from her position near the door. The still open door.

She should close it. Trouble could walk in at any moment.

Oh, wait. I already did walk in.

Archer rolled back his shoulders. “I know about acting. I have to do it every damn day. Between you and me, playing the dick gets old. But hey, if it’s the image people want, you have to give it to them, am I right?” A long exhale. “Maybe that’s why I can see you so well for what you are. We’re the same.”

“We are nothing alike.” A lift of her chin. A narrowing of her gorgeous eyes. Blue eyes. Electric blue. When he’d looked up and found her gaze on him, it had been as if he’d taken a punch to the gut.

Now probably wasn’t the time to tell her how incredible he found her eyes to be. Especially when she huffed out a breath—

And dramatically announced, “We’re not alike because, for one thing, no one suspects me of murder.”

“Yet,” he couldn’t resist saying. “No one suspects you of murder yet. But you are the one holding the gun so who knows how this night will play out?”

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