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What happens when you are trapped on a tropical island with your gorgeous ex…

And danger is closing in on you?

Time to find out because EX MARKS THE PERFECT SPOT is available now!


She spun toward him.  Lowered the phone. Her bottom lip trembled. “Colt…what is happening?” 

Two abduction attempts in twenty-four hours. “Do you trust me?” he asked her.

“No. Absolutely, I do not. We’ve been over this. Why would you think that I trusted you?”

Well, shit. “You’re gonna need to start.” If you want to stay alive.

Her gaze darted to the knife. Then back to his face.  She swallowed.  “You look very comfortable holding that knife.”

He was comfortable.

“As comfortable as you looked holding the gun in that garage.”

He had been comfortable with that weapon, too.

She bit her lower lip.  He didn’t like the gathering fear in her eyes. Not fear about her attack. Fear that seemed directed at him. “Who are you?” Chelsea asked.

Colt opened his mouth.

And heard the fierce knocking at the door. The hotel security staff. The cavalry had arrived. Too late, though, because the bad guys were long gone. 


EX MARKS THE PERFECT SPOT is officially available, and if you are in the mood for a tropical escape, I hope you’ll give this book a read! 😉 Happy summer and happy reading to you!

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