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Update: The winner of a SKIN TIGHT copy is…Raelena!! Congrats!! I will email you with prize claim details. Thanks for all the comments!

First, thanks to Cindy for having me today! Today is the release of SKIN TIGHT, which features one of my favorite heroes of fall time. Why? Because he’s an antagonist in the first book, and I love a redemption. He also does something fairly despicable in SKIN GAME, which made for a fun setup for his romance with his heroine. She’s pretty freakin’ mad at him when their book starts. In fact, she’s pretty devoted to the idea of taking him down. How does that change? Well, you need to read the book.

But villain to hero is one of my favorite tropes in general because I love a redemption story. When an author can sell me on the reformation of this character, it blows my mind. That takes true skill, especially if that person aroused your antipathy in a prior volume. Kimberly  Cates does this brilliantly in Briar Rose; Lionel was a wonderful villain, and then he gets his own book.

How do you guys feel about redemption arcs and the villain getting his own story? What are some of your favorites? A random commenter will receive a copy of SKIN TIGHT.


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57 responses to “Deadly Days Guest: Ann Aguirre”

  1. Sue Brandes says:

    I like the villian to get his own book too. You can find out what makes him that way. Congrads on the new release.

  2. Joder says:

    I enjoy redemption stories. I enjoy seeing another side to a character once thought evil. It makes me appreciate the character more seeing them become the good guy. And a favorite for me is Drake from Jenna Black’s Hungers of the Heart.

  3. chey says:

    I like redemption stories.

  4. Nancy Gilliland says:

    Love stories of redemption: seems the badder they are the better the storyline.

  5. LSUReader says:

    I do enjoy redemption stories. Your set-up seems a bit unique–villain to hero, all with the same leading female. I like that. I’ll have to read more!

  6. Mariska says:

    Happy Release day Ann ! You are a new for me Author 🙂
    i would really like to try Skin Tight !

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