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On Saturday, Nick and I headed to the theater…and saw Basic Instinct 2. I was a bit worried when I discovered that the film was showing in the smallest screening theater…that’s usually not a very good sign. And when we got inside, and I saw that only about ten other people were there, well, I took that as bad sign #2.

Then the movie started. Yes, as the reviewers have noted, the opening is a bit…um…wild, but, hey, it’s Basic Instinct!

The plot got moving really fast. Murder within the first five minutes. Sex, too. And, dang, Sharon Stone looked really good–did she sell her soul to the devil or what?

But anyway…the character of Catherine Tramell was much harder in this film. Sure, you’re probably thinking, the woman is a cold-blooded, seductive killerhow can she be harder? Simple. Unlike the original Basic Instinct, Catherine isn’t pretending to be a good girl. She doesn’t cry and try to get sympathy from the other characters, she doesn’t bat her lashes and talk about how everyone she loves just “happens” to die. Oh, no, not this time. This time, she’s evil, and proud of it!

I didn’t think I would be surprised by this movie. I mean, come on…duh–Catherine’s a killer! Well, yes, she is…we all learned that in the first film. But…this time, there’s another twist. One I didn’t see coming. One that I very much enjoyed–and that’s all I’ll say so I don’t go into spoiler land.

So, what did I think of the movie? I liked it; heck, I’d probably even buy the DVD. Is it gonna win an Oscar? No, but it sure was fun to watch.

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