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Update:  The FATED winners are:  May and Lateefa!!  I am sending your info to Rebecca so that she can contact you with prize details. Congrats!!

Now it’s time for me to interview one of my Brava author buddies.  This is one special lady–so special, that she receive the dedication in my upcoming book, ANGEL OF DARKNESS (okay, so I lost a bet and *had* to give her the dedication but she’s still awesome!) Rebecca Zanetti, thanks for coming by the blog–and thank you for generously offering to giveaway 2 signed copies of your sexy vampire romance, FATED!! (And the next book in Rebecca’s series, CLAIMED, will be out soon–can’t wait!)

Cynthia: Rebecca, thanks so much for joining us!  Can you begin by telling us…why vampires?  What made you want to create your awesome vampire heroes?

Rebecca: Hi Cynthia !  Thank you so much for having me during this hour, and CONGRATS on the release of ENTANGLED and BOUND IN DARKNESS!!  I can’t wait to read.   Also, I’m not sure if people know that Cynthia provided the cover quote for CLAIMED.  I was both humbled and thrilled!

So…about those vampire heroes.  I think the contrast in a vampire is intriguing.  I mean, on one hand, they’re very primal.  Dark, brutal, basic…but in a sexy way.  On the other hand, they’ve lived long enough that they have a leg up—they know how to act civilized.  Maybe even be civilized.  But the inner struggle between their animalistic nature and their centuries of living is fascinating to me.  And during a novel, when that mask of civilization slips…

Cynthia: What do you like most about Dage, the hero from CLAIMED?

Rebecca: Oh wow, that’s a good question.  Dage is the king of the supernatural world—the most powerful being in existence.  So that’s hot.  But he has tempered his power through diplomacy and design…because he’s the leader. He knows it’s better to negotiate than destroy.  What I liked most about him was that he not only let that mask slip when dealing with his mate, but that he was entirely comfortable doing so.

I also liked that he appreciated the heroine’s intelligence as much as her face and spirit.  Dage understands that smart girls are sexy.

Cynthia: Do you have a favorite scene from CLAIMED that you would like to share with us?

Rebecca: Hmmmm.  Well, I loved those scenes where Dage was yanked out of his ‘king’ role.  In fact, at one point, he told the heroine that she’d never met the king, it was the man who held her.  Also, there’s a scene toward the back of the book, during the black moment, when he thinks all is lost.  I love that scene.  But, it is the dark moment, so I’ll find another to share.  Here’s a quick blurb at the beginning of the book when Dage has been shot.

He shook his head without opening his eyes.  “No.  I don’t sense evil anywhere near us.  We’re probably safe for a couple of hours, then we should move again.”

A couple of hours?  Damn.  She needed him in fighting shape.  “Will drinking my blood help heal you?”

His lids flipped open, revealing those silver eyes that had haunted her dreams for fifteen years.  Hunger, raw and pure filled them.  “Yes.”

Emma gulped in air. The husky timber of his voice caressed nerves she didn’t want to own. “I won’t become a vampire?”

His dimples winked at her.  “No.  Vampires are born, not made.”

Fear and her damn curiosity blended until she could only whisper.  “Okay.”  She held out her wrist and shut her eyes.  And waited.  The breeze picked up outside the cave, rustling pine needles and leaves inside the small entrance, and she shivered.  Finally, she opened her eyes in exasperation.  “What?”

Reaching out with his good arm, he lifted her chin with one knuckle, waiting until her gaze met his.  “I want your neck.”


Cynthia: What’s the best part of being a writer? The worst part?

Rebecca: Well, one of the best parts is becoming friends with people like you, Cynthia.  Writers are a close group who are willing to help each other.  Plus, we all fully understand that it’s okay to have a bunch of voices bellowing in our heads—that’s normal to us.  🙂   The other thing I love is the blank page, before I’ve written a single word on a new book.  Anything goes at that point.

The worst part would probably have to be a brutal review.  Sure, we’re all going to get bad reviews.  In fact, the person who hates your book usually hates the same part that a person who loves your book really loves.  So, it’s a grain of salt situation.  But these days, anyone can put a harsh review up on Goodreads or amazon…and it’s out there.

Cynthia: What can readers expect next from you?  (Share, share!)

Rebecca: Awww, thanks for asking!  CLAIMED will be released on November 1st of this year.  Then TEMPTED, an e-novella that features Max (Janie’s bodyguard) will be released in April of 2012, and HUNTED will be released in May of 2012.  HUNTED features Connlan Kayrs and a witch he mated a century ago from Ireland.  He gave her a hundred years to train for her calling—time’s up.

Thanks again for having me!  You can find me on the web at:

Also, to celebrate Cynthia’s release day, I’d love to give away two signed copies of FATED, which is book 1 in the Dark Protector Series.  To enter, tell me which characteristics (physical, mental, or emotional) make for a sexy hero.  Thanks!!

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100 responses to “Author Interview: Rebecca Zanetti (With FATED Giveaway)”

  1. Host says:

    How about smart, emotional and loyal with some six-pack included 🙂

  2. Amy Bruckart says:

    Love paranormal books and always looking for new reads!!

  3. May says:

    Smart… Brave… Loving

  4. Amy Bruckart says:

    OOps…forgot to add physical and emotional is always sexy

  5. Alaina says:

    funny, brave, strong, loyal.. not overly emotional though!

  6. Jessica C. says:

    Charming, Smart, Funny & Not too overly possessive. A great smile and broad shoulders are ALWAYS good! 😀


  7. Stephanie says:

    Dark hair, light eyes, a wicked sense of humor, with a hard shell and a secret mushy center! 😀

    DragonStar1974 )AT(

  8. Maria (pronounced Mariah) says:

    Sexy is confidence, protectiveness (but not overbearing), loyal and trusting. Gorgeous eyes and an easy smile are also very sexy!

    mmafsmith at gmail dot com

  9. Honorable with an edge. }:)

  10. Rachel says:

    I think a vampire should always have long black hair & mesmerizing eyes. I love the wicked laugh. He must carry himself with confidence. I love all vamps though but this is my faqvorite kind. —-Rachel

  11. desiree says:

    Confidence is sexy but so is loyalty, honor and trusting. Eyes are really sexy so are lips.
    deslauree3 at aol dot com

  12. Leagh says:

    I am definitely into large men. I love a good set of wide shoulders that can engulf me in a hug. I also like dark features with blue eyes.

  13. J. A. says:

    I’d have to say a good combination of all 3. I want his hotness to draw my attention, his smart mind to draw me in and his caring to seal the deal

  14. Barbara says:

    Dage…what a great vampire name! Sexy characteristics? OMG…so many to choose from…it’s difficult, but I’ll give it a try. I like tall men with dark hair that know how to fill out a pair of low slung well worn jeans…YUM! Know what I mean? 😉 Oh…and a wicked smile don’t hurt either!