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Jinx’s story releases this month!! Jinx is a funny guy, but he has a very dangerous side…and I can’t wait for you to read his story!

Here’s a quick teaser for you:

Ali spun toward him. Sand flew in her wake. “Why are you here?”

“Oh, don’t you know?” A wide, too gorgeous smile spread over his lips.

Her body tensed. Quivered. Dammit.

“I live here now,” Jinx casually revealed. Just dropped that bombshell. Boom. “And imagine my surprise when I walked onto my favorite beach in the area and saw…you.”

She sucked in a deep breath.

“The lovely lady who left me high and dry,” Jinx continued, “and holding a giant box of condoms.”


JINX, YOU’RE IT…available on 8/31.

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