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I just posted this note on FB, but I thought it was important so I wanted to repost it here, too.

On this #WriterWednesday, I wanted to take a moment and talk to you about a topic that seems to be all over the place these days. AI. Or, more specifically, AI when it comes to the writing world.

I just want to be clear with my readers–I have not nor will I ever use AI to write my books. I also don’t use ghostwriters and will not use them for my stories.

Love my books or hate them–it’s all me. (And, of course, my fondest wish would be for everyone to love my books, but I know that just won’t happen. Not every book works for every reader, and that is ok. We are all different people!)

The words are mine. Created with blood, sweat, chocolate, and Red Bull. I put out a lot of books each year (I usually aim for at least 7 new titles), and I am able to write that many novels because I am pretty much always writing. If I’m not working on a story, I feel lost. Like I *should* be writing. Writing has always been my dream, and I feel blessed to have the opportunity to bring stories to you.

I’ve been in the writing business for a very long time. I sold my first book to Kensington back in 2005, and I have not stopped writing since then.

So, this is my promise to you. A real person is writing these books. It’s me. It will continue to be me.

Thank you for reading this ramble. 😉 And thank you for reading my books.

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