“I’ve wanted you for years. But I’m not some psycho asshole who is going to take advantage when you’re scared. I can control myself. Always have. Always will.” She needed to understand this. “You have nothing to ever fear from me.”

“You’ve…wanted—what?” Her words ended in a little squeak.

Oh, yes. He was one hundred percent oversharing. And if it hadn’t been helluva-late-o’thirty, he would have shut his fool mouth. But, nope, he just opened it and said, quite clearly, “I’ve wanted you for years.”

“But, you’re…you’re Forth’s best friend—”

“Absolutely. Would die for him in an instant.” But I would also gladly die—or kill—to protect you.

“You’re my little brother’s—”

His hands fell to his sides. Deliberately, he closed in on her. She retreated, backing toward the den. Toward the tree with the lights that gleamed softly.  “I’m not so little any longer.” 

WAITING FOR CHRISTMAS releases on 11/14/23!

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