“New Year’s Bites” in A Red Hot New Year

November 27, 2007


While on her way to a New Year’s Eve party, Anna Summers is attacked and bitten by a large, wolf-like creature. She is saved by sexy security expert, Jon York. But Jon isn’t quite who he seems to be, and Anna…well, she’s starting to change. The quiet, good-girl she’d been before the bite disappears, and a wild, sensual, almost…animalistic woman takes her place. The hot lust that burns through her body every moment she’s around Jon soon flares out of control. Filled with new strength and passion, Anna begins to think she may be starting the best year of her life. Yet in the shadows, someone is stalking her–waiting for another sweet bite. For Anna, the New Year that began with a blaze of passion may burn out with the dangerous rise of the moon.


Unedited Excerpt

The lady had just been attacked–she didn’t need him pouncing on her then, too. “Anna, how do you feel?”

She blinked. “Uh, my leg hurts a bit, but other than that” she gave a little shrug. “I actually feel pretty good. Weird, huh?”

Not particularly.

“Do you know where my glasses are? I was wearing them when that thing jumped me.”

He pointed to the nearby table.

She scooped them up. Perched the glasses on her nose. Looked so cute she made him ache. “Ah, Jon, did you carry me up here?”

Jon gave a slow nod. The woman had felt damn good in his arms. He’d been doing his best to play the gentleman with her, but it looked like the rules of the game had just taken a serious turn.

He’d have to stay with Anna now, at least for the next twenty-four hours. It was important to make certain she didn’t turn feral.

Anna rose slowly to her feet. At six foot three, he was a much taller than her own five foot five frame, so she had to tilt her head back to look into his eyes. “Bringing me up here, carrying me–that was very kind of you.” Her voice was breathless and stroked right over his skin like silk.

He swallowed, hoping that she wouldn’t glance down and notice the growing bulge in his trousers. “No problem.”

Her lips lifted into a faint smile.

Jon had to fight the urge to kiss her.

But he knew that, later, he’d be doing a hell of a lot more than just touching those lips.

Yet now wasn’t the time.

“Anna, that dog…can you tell me what he looked like?” Important, very, very important. Because the beast had gotten away, and all Jon had been left with had been the creature’s rank stench, filling his nostrils and turning his stomach.

“Big. Black. Really ugly.” Her nose wrinkled. “It’s eyes were so weird–silver, but almost–” She broke off, laughing. “You’ll think I’m crazy.”

“No, I won’t.”

Her smile faded. “It was almost like–like his eyes were glowing.” She shook her head. “I know it was probably just a trick of the light. I mean, the thing’s eyes weren’t glowing, right? This isn’t some kind of horror movie, and it was just a dog.”

He didn’t speak. Sometimes, it was just easier not to lie.



TRS 2008 CAPA Nominee